3 Business Problems Solved by Outsourcing Your Outbound B2B Cold Calling


3 Business Problems Solved by Outsourcing Your Outbound B2B Cold Calling Efforts

1. You’re experiencing a high employee turnover rate.

Turnover is disruptive and will slow down production. Whether you are experiencing frequent staffing changes or having difficulty finding experienced inside sales or business development representatives to add to your team, a high turnover rate will cost you.

Time spent on unresolved personnel issues and additional training is time that could be spent making calls and qualifying leads.  

Additionally, if you find the need to scale up or down with any frequency, an outsourced team is a good choice. Hiring full-time employees to scale up for certain campaigns, only to have them be superfluous for others is costly and unsustainable.

2. Your leads aren’t properly qualified.

Making professional cold calls and qualifying lead opportunities is a core competency. By hiring outside experts, you ensure that your callers are trained to have the meaningful conversations that discover qualified opportunities.

The currency of an outsourced B2B firm is highly qualified leads, and a reputable firm will not pass along an opportunity to you unless the right questions have been asked and answered to determine if it has a solid future in your sales pipeline.

In short, your outside sales reps won’t be wasting valuable time trying to connect with unqualified leads.

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3. You need to cut expenses.

If you’ve searched internally for ways to cut expenses but keep coming up short, turning to an outside source can help lower your bottom line.

As outlined above, lessening the amount of time you spend hiring and training is extremely cost effective.

We hear from our clients that, on average, one of our Business Development Executives produces the same results as two internal full time inside sales reps.  

When the budget is tight, this type of return on investment is a sound choice.

Outsourcing your B2B sales prospecting to a qualified firm means that your lead generation efforts are focused and performed by experts who can devote 100% of their time to making the calls and uncovering new business opportunities.

If your current outbound B2B cold calling efforts aren’t working or need to be ramped up, it may be worth your time and effort to consider the benefits of outsourcing to a competent teleprospecting firm.

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