3 Common Mistakes When Outsourcing Inside Sales


3 Common Mistakes When Outsourcing Inside SalesEvery organization desires to see continuous growth. However, not every business has the capacity to handle the opportunities and challenges associated with expansion. As leads pour in, your salespeople might not have the expertise to manage the prospects and convert them to qualified leads. That’s why many businesses opt to outsource inside sales.


That said, outsourcing inside sales is an excellent way to generate qualified leads, but it is not a turnkey process. It must be done correctly to see the best possible ROI.


Here are the common mistakes that many people make as they begin outsourcing their inside sales:


Mistake 1: Not Maintaining Communication and Setting Expectations

One common mistake in outsourced inside sales is not maintaining communication. Set up expectations from the beginning, including how often you will be updated on results and who will be updating you. Clearly outline the expectations to ensure that your organization’s goals and the outsourced team’s efforts are not misaligned. Also, determine what kind of reports you’ll need. Communicate the KPIs you need to see and set expectations for how the firm will deliver them.


You know your organization best, so it’s also up to you to ensure you’re communicating exactly how your brand should be represented. Ensure that your outsourced team is in alignment with your brand message. They must truly understand your company’s voice and have experience in your industry.


Finally, know who will be making calls on behalf of your company and how they will be doing so.


Mistake 2: Choosing a Pay-Per-Performance Model

Appointment-only or “pay-per-performance” companies may seem like cheaper options on the surface, but they can have a negative impact on your ROI in the long run. This is because they look to generate as many leads as possible without considering whether the leads are qualified or a good fit for your offerings. Their long list of appointments may lead to a very small list of completed sales. However, selecting one of these firms is a common mistake in outsourced inside sales.


An appointment-only firm may have a negative impact on your company’s reputation. Many companies spend a lot of money building a brand that customers trust and rely on for quality and value. When you outsource an inside sales team, you entrust the team to speak on your behalf and represent your company in the best light. However, that’s not always the case. Some firms that offer appointment-only programs employ low-level callers who end up representing your brand inaccurately—or worse, diminishing it.


With that in mind, choose a firm that is focused more on emphasizing quality lead generation and contacting the right people (decision makers) rather than one that is solely focused on numbers.Get More Insights With Our B2B Sales Guide

Mistake 3: Choosing an Inexperienced Firm

The inside sales firm you choose to outsource from will have a significant effect on your brand. Choosing an inexperienced firm is a common mistake in outsourced inside sales that can negatively impact your lead generation.


One of the best things you can do for your outsourced inside sales program is to invest in an experienced firm with good business acumen. An experienced firm with seasoned sales reps can make a good first impression and set the tone for a good business relationship. Experienced sales reps can read between the lines of conversation and understand the nuances of the discussion when speaking to prospects. They can establish trust from the first call, create meaningful interaction, and include enough real conversations that address your prospects’ pain points. They also know how to steer the conversation in the right direction and respond when met with resistance.


Another benefit of working with an experienced firm is that they have sales reps who are excellent evaluators of prospects. They can uncover the leads worth continuing to nurture through the sales pipeline and which leads are unqualified and can dedicate more of their time to following up with these prospects.


Simply put, experienced sales reps can help you generate more qualified leads.


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