3 Reasons the Holidays Can Improve Your B2B Sales Call ROI


3 Reasons the Holidays Can Improve Your B2B Sales Call ROI


When the holidays roll around in November and December, you might be tempted to slow down, or even stop making sales calls. You may figure, as many do, that the end of the year brings a lull for sales and the effort will be wasted. Don’t check out just yet!


As a Principal/Co-Founder of JMS Elite, and with a career in lead generation since 1994, I can tell you that this is a solid time to pick up the phone and qualify leads. My experience, as well as our own numbers, make it clear – the holidays are a great time for lead generation.


When compared with the returns of other months, November and December perform right in the middle. They are not low-performing months that should be discounted; quite the opposite. Keep making the calls and interacting with prospects – there are many advantages to ramping up your sales calls at year-end.

Three reasons why the holidays are a great time to connect with people:

1 – Fewer Distractions And More Time to Talk

It is a popular time to take vacation, which means fewer people at the office.


Those who are at work don’t have as much to do, they are at their desks more often, and they will very likely pick up the phone. Use this to your advantage.


This is the perfect time to connect with people as there is just not as much background noise and daily activity going on. Your prospect won’t have the normal number of calls, meetings, and emails to respond to and you can be the focus of their day. When time is on your side, you are more likely to have a real conversation and create that meaningful interaction that can lead to a sale.


Of course, it’s possible that with a reduced number of staff you won’t be able to catch up with your prospect at the office. Don’t let this become a roadblock. Somebody has to be there – a peer, subordinate, or maybe even a superior – to conduct business, and they may prove to be an even better person to discuss the solution. Go ahead and talk to them, you might just find it a valuable connection.

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2 – Planning and Budgeting Happens Now

This is the time when your prospects are tasked with the planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. It’s their time to make decisions on certain projects and decide on the business solutions for those projects.


If a prospect is busy creating the budget for next year, it is exactly the right time to get in front of them.


Becoming part of their thinking for planning and budgets for next year can be crucial. Depending on the type of business solution you are offering, you may even be able to get them to spend, or at least allocate, part of this year’s budget.



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3 – People Are Cheerful

This one seems simple but it is true. With more time on their hands, fewer distractions, and upcoming holidays to celebrate, people are a bit more lighthearted this time of year.


Successful lead generation through teleprospecting happens when you have a real conversation with a peer and create a meaningful interaction. Take advantage of the celebratory mood and connect with people. As always, listen more than you talk, and help them find the right solution for their business pain. You may leave them in an even better mood and ready to take the next step.

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The numbers tell us that the last two months of the year are strong ones for returns, people are at their desks with more time on their hands, budgets are being created, and the mood is good.


Make the calls and reach out to people and you will make things happen.




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