4 Qualities You Should Look for in a B2B Lead Generation Firm


4 Qualities You Should Look for in a B2B Lead Generation Firm

Outsourcing your B2B lead generation efforts is an effective way to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

With or without your own internal sales team, outsourcing calls to an experienced and dedicated team provides an excellent return on investment.

However, it’s imperative that you choose a firm with the right credentials if you want to achieve success.

How do you know if the lead generation firm you’ve chosen is qualified and will produce the results you need?

What to Look for in a B2B Lead Generation Firm:

  1. Executive Experience – Callers must have the experience to act as an extension of your sales team and your business. They must also possess an ability to quickly learn industry terms and language, as well as the experience and knowledge base to allow for real conversations about the solution or service being represented.
  1. Proven ProcessA successful firm will have the knowledge and methods to develop and execute lead generation campaigns to meet your unique objectives and build your sales pipeline. While each campaign should be tailored to your specific needs, it’s important to look for a firm with proven methodologies that have resulted in success.
  1. Thorough Reporting – A qualified B2B lead generation firm will provide thorough reports with detailed profiles and data on each lead. Consistent and frequent reporting is necessary to determine ROI success.
  1. Sales Cycle Support – Full support and a focus on customer success is paramount. The lead generation firm you choose should have an experienced contact person monitoring your program and ensuring a positive outcome.

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“JMS Elite out-performed an industry-focused firm in opening dialogue and obtaining the knowledge needed to enter and compete in a new market segment. The thoroughness and detail of their insights enabled Initiate Systems to develop the right strategies, messages and marketing to excel in the market.”

Jennifer Jawor, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Merge Healthcare (formerly of Initiate Systems)

If you’re considering outsourcing your B2B lead generation, make sure that those you are hiring have a proven track record and successful strategies that generate highly qualified and actionable inside sales leads.

Interested in filling your sales pipeline with highly qualified leads?

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