A Passionate Approach Can lead to Successful Sales and Carry You Through The B2B Sales Cycle


A Passionate Approach Can lead to Successful Sales and Carry You Through The B2B Sales Cycle

What is the successful sales technique that is going to make you stand out?

It seems as though everyone gets a boost of energy right about now. Summer vacations are winding down and it’s time to “get back to work.” So, how’s your sales team doing? Are they energized or lethargic?


It’s a serious question to ask. In sales, everyone is trying to gain an “edge” – a single quality that can add up to a big advantage. If all things are equal between you and a competitor in the eyes of your prospect, what’s your edge?  If your competitor has you beat on pricing but you have the advantage in R&D, what’s going to tip that sale into your revenue column?


At JMS Elite, we believe passion, that intangible emotional quality, can give you that “edge”. Don’t mistake frenzied activity for passion. A sustained campaign of phone calls and email touches can quickly become annoying if not handled correctly.

Passion is the undeniable enthusiasm that your sales staff exhibits for whatever it is they’re selling that will result in a more meaningful interaction with the prospect.

When you’re involved in complex B2B sales, you’re in it for the long haul. The beginning of any sales relationship is logical. Factors such as your solution’s options and RIO are fundamental reasons for your prospect’s interest. But as the sales cycle progresses, emotion can play a larger role in decision-making: yours as well as your prospect’s. The connection a prospect feels toward your organization is related to the connection your sales professional has to the solution.


This is one reason why JMS Elite doesn’t rely on scripted pitches. Scripts tend to weigh down emotional enthusiasm and corrupt genuine relationship-building. If a sales professional cannot educate a prospect and convey a real passion for the solution “off book”, they’re in danger of sinking the sale once a prospect’s attention has moved beyond logistics.


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Enthusiasm is contagious, but only if carried through the entire sales cycle.

If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to consider the unique edge that passion can bring to your business. Coupled with instinct and experience, passion is an invaluable and successful sales technique that builds sustainable B2B relationships.




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