B2B Appointment Setting

Our experienced callers apply our proven methodologies to B2B appointment setting and only make appointments with highly qualified leads.


B2B Appointment Setting Capabilities

  • Outbound business development, warm and cold leads
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Callers with the experience to talk with C-level executives
  • Inbound lead follow-up and qualification
  • Re-engagement of dormant leads
  • Market research and validation

B2B Appointment Setting Approach

  • Apply our proven lead generation methodology to qualify leads
  • Target and connect with decision makers to uncover business opportunities
  • Business executive callers that accurately represent and uphold your brand
  • Secure appointments only with qualified prospects
  • Cultivate relationships for future opportunities
  • Gather and document detailed information on leads and objections

B2B Appointment Setting Results

  • Highly qualified, sales-ready leads
  • Appointments set with key decision makers
  • Detailed profiles and information on each qualified appointment

Why are Companies choosing JMS Elite?

“JMS is not just looking to give you a lead, but they have a rigid process around scoring the lead. They do a great job of qualifying the lead… and there is continuous qualification going on. That can be the difference between securing a lead who is anyone and securing one that is a decision maker.”
Alan Littman ,CMO, Agile Frameworks

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