B2B Lead Generation – Three Elements of a Successful Sales Call


B2B Lead Generation – Three Elements of a Successful Sales Call


“Promise to think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best from yourself and others.”

-John Wooden


What are the essential elements that make a teleprospecting call successful?


If you’re having real conversations and meaningful interactions with your prospects, then every call is going to look slightly different, but the fundamentals should remain the same.


1. Define the Need


The goal at the beginning of your call should be to keep the prospect on the phone long enough to define the need.


In my experience, this is best done by creating a sense of urgency at the outset of the call and sparking the interest of the prospect so they start talking.


This is the time to listen and learn and get your prospect to reveal a business pain or opportunity.


2. Guide the Prospect Towards a Solution


You’ve listened, and you’ve learned, now it is time to guide your prospect where you want him or her to go if you want the call to be a success.


Your next talking points should be based on your prospect’s expressed needs:

  • Offer examples of others who have been helped in the past by this product, solution, or service.
  • Be specific; use names and statistics when possible.
  • Remain conversational, but be straightforward and consultative as you steer the prospect towards next steps.



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3. Determine Next Steps

In B2B lead generation, the success of the call is defined by the next steps. Has the prospect agreed to specific next steps?


This is where it pays to get as specific as possible. If you are handing off a qualified lead to a client or to an inside sales team, the more complete and specific the profile and next steps, the better.


Take the time to set a concrete meeting date and time with the prospect now; don’t assume it will happen after you hang up the phone.


Outline expectations and nail down the details:

  • Schedule the call and send a calendar invite (be sure to follow up if it is not accepted).
  • Ask for names and titles of those who will be attending or joining in.
  • Define the goal of the call – “What are the top three things you would like to get out of this call?”


These fundamentals are followed by our Business Development Executives for B2B lead generation success, and our clients are extremely happy with the results of this method.


“We are constantly amazed at the level of talent and effort that JMS Elite delivers. Because they have proven to be very consistent in their performance, we expanded their role from focusing solely on early-stage lead generation to operating as an extension of our team throughout our marketing and sales strategy.”  


Stephen Marchewitz, President, SecureState


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