How B2B Marketers Can Effectively Reinvest Trade Show and Travel Budgets


B2B Marketers

The cancellation of most Trade shows and events for the remainder of 2020 has presented B2B marketers with a unique challenge – how to reallocate budgeted dollars wisely and effectively to ensure the top of the sales funnel remains active with relationship-focused outreach.


A 2018 study by CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) showed that B2B trade shows and events represented 40.7% of B2B Exhibitors Marketing budget allocation. The challenge for B2B marketers is to find ways to stay in front of potential customers, engage in meaningful interactions and continue to demonstrate how your organization can be of service during these challenging times.


So, it is not surprising that our B2B clients — especially those selling B2B technology solutions and products — are asking us to help them rethink how they should invest their demand generation dollars as coronavirus takes trade shows off the table.


And we thought it would be useful to share some of the advice we’re giving our clients as a way of sparking your thinking about which alternative demand generation tactics might work to keep your sales team’s pipeline flowing in the wake of COVID cancellations.


1. Website Refresh

2. Increase Content and Digital Marketing Efforts

3. Engage in Supplemental Telemarketing Programs

JMS Elite has taken our own advice in the first two areas. We recently announced the release of our refreshed website to coincide with our 18th anniversary and experienced great response to those efforts. We have also increased our budgets for Social and Digital advertising as well as content providing thought leadership which has led to an increase in inbound inquiries over the past month.


As far as Telemarketing, lead generation and outsourced inside sales goes, this is where we really shine and can provide specific advice and expertise.


JMS Elite has managed over 1 million staff hours since 2002. Our clients and references range from Fortune 10 tech giants to innovative startups selling complex solutions, products, and services. We have the most experienced and tenured business development executives in the industry who average over 7 years’ tenure with our firm.


In our 18 plus year history over 30% of our business comes from repeat clients – we have proven time and again that our methodologies are successful, and our clients agree.


We would love to talk with you about your current marketing challenges. Contact us to see how we might help bring new ideas and strategies for programs that include professional business development by phone.


Whether you implement using your internal sales team or outsource to us, we believe you will find our ideas helpful especially during these challenging times.