B2B Sales in 2020


B2B Sales in 2020

Trends in B2B sales are becoming increasingly more customer-centric. Prospects and customers are seeking a personalized, top-notch experience from the first contact to beyond the point of sale.

So what exactly are the latest trends for B2B sales in 2020, and how can you utilize them to achieve sales success?

B2B Sales in 2020 – The Trends

1. The New Customer Experience

B2B customers are taking their time when deciding which company will best suit their needs and provide fitting solutions. B2B researchers are conducting at least 12 searches online before engaging with a website. During this search, they are vetting businesses and are looking for a company that can offer more than just a product.

How are businesses meeting the needs of prospects and standing out from competitors? During the 12+ searches that prospects are conducting, they are looking for a business that stands out, from both a branding and a knowledge-based perspective. They are expecting a helpful and authentic experience both digitally and when speaking to a sales representative over the phone.

Offering the highest-quality information from the very beginning of a prospect’s search, whether it be online or during a phone conversation, is key to offering a top-notch experience for customers.

2. Exceeding Expectations

Prospects are on the hunt for a business that can provide expertise in their industry, understand and relate to the issues they are faced with, and offer a product or solution that will not only solve the problem but will change their lives for the better.

If a prospect’s experience during sales calls is less than 100%, there is little chance of them moving further along the sales cycle. If the salespeople on the line representing your business are not equipped with the right skills needed to qualify leads, the chances of success are slim. Customers want to be cared for, and they want to establish a relationship with the business that proves that their purchase means more than just a number.

So make it more than just a sale.

Offering prospects the best experience possible — one that exceeds all of their expectations — is the best way to show your customers that they matter, that your business cares about the issues they face and that helping them find a solution is a top priority.

3. Personalization

Behind every sale, there is a business pain. When your salespeople have the time, knowledge, and ability to engage in a conversation to uncover these pains, trust is formed. Through real conversations, prospects are more willing to trust that the solutions your company can offer are their best choice.

Meaningful interactions and real conversations can also lead to more tailored solutions. The more information you know about your prospects, the better solutions you can offer. By making the focus of these conversations about finding real business solutions, there is a better chance to truly qualify a lead and begin a successful business relationship.

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Achieving Sales Success in 2020

How to deliver the new customer experience:

  • Provide the best experience possible.
  • Don’t lose a human connection — technology won’t replace it. People want the convenience of technology but are still ultimately looking for a connection.

How to exceed expectations:

  • Customers want to be heard, so listen to them.
  • Acknowledge internally that your prospect’s time is valuable. Take time when qualifying a lead so as to ensure your product or solution is the right fit, otherwise, you are wasting both their time and yours.
  • Give your prospects the opportunity and the means to build trust and form a relationship with your company.

How to personalize sales:

  • Complex sales are intricate, so don’t give a one-size-fits-all solution. Spend time understanding a prospects’ business pains in order to offer tailored solutions that will truly work.

How to achieve B2B sales success in 2020:

  • Establish meaningful interactions and relationships with prospects.
  • Have seasoned sales executives accurately and honorably represent your business.
  • Dedicate a team of experienced salespeople who have the knowledge, time, energy, and business acumen to make calls and engage in real conversations with prospects.

If you truly want to achieve B2B sales success in 2020, outsourcing your lead generation can connect you with a team of professional salespeople who know how to qualify leads and get them in your sales pipeline. Businesses that choose to outsource their lead qualification see positive results, leading to future success and a solid ROI.

Is it time for you to realize such results? Please contact us to learn more and discuss how outsourcing can help you achieve B2B sales success in 2020.


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