The B2B Sales Opportunity that the Product Industry is Overlooking


B2B Telemarketing Opportunities for ProductsIt’s a new year and I am just back from meeting with clients, as well as exploring all the shiny new technology at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


In my profession, it is always helpful and interesting to learn about the new trends in technology and products. At large trade shows such as CES, Pack Expo, and ProMat, I am reminded of the tremendous opportunity there is to use B2B telesales for companies that sell capital equipment.


Much of the product being showcased at conferences such as these are bought and sold between large businesses; high-ticket items such as manufacturing equipment, capital medical equipment, and instruments for various industries.


While the products available involve cutting edge technology like 3D Printing, Metrology Microscopy, and advanced systems, the methods being used for their sale are stuck in another era.


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B2B Telemarketing Opportunities for Products


While many other industries such as Healthcare, IT, Retail and eCommerce, have used B2B telesales as a successful way to generate and qualify leads to fill their sales pipelines, the product industry has continued to rely heavily on on-the-ground sales reps, advertising, and trade shows.


The ground covered by reps is limited, as they can only cover a territory as fast as they can travel through it.


There is an opportunity for success with B2B telemarketing for the product industry and we’ve seen it firsthand.


In 2009, we signed on with our first client in this industry, Zeiss Microscopy, and the results have been stellar – we continue to do business with them to this day and have branched into another division.


A few things became apparent when we first applied our B2B telemarketing methodologies that had proven successful for other clients.


I wrote a blog about it, if you are interested in a deeper dive into the what and how, but the overall the following was made clear:


  • Prospects were receptive to phone calls – Those who purchase complex, high ticket products are not inundated with cold calls like decision makers in some business sectors therefore, they are more likely to pick up the phone.


  • Products are straightforward, they either satisfy a need or not – sales conversations were able to progress quickly because there is less of a need to educate the prospect. And budgets are either in place or not. It does not become a hypothetical discussion about how the product can help like most solutions or service sales.


  • Sales reps were able to cover more ground quickly – cold calling provides an opportunity to qualify more leads in a given time-frame than any other sales method while still providing a high-quality interaction.


Experienced B2B Cold Callers for Best Results


A B2B cold calling program is as good as its callers, so transitioning from on-the-ground reps to telesales requires highly experienced callers with industry knowledge.


If you can secure a team like this, I highly recommend exploring B2B telesales to qualify leads for products, capital machinery, and other precision tools.


If you’re curious, or even skeptical, about B2B cold calling for your products, I am happy to discuss possibilities for your business. Give us a call or leave a note in the comments.




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