How Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Outsourced Inside Sales


benefit from outsourced inside sales

How can you benefit from outsourced inside sales if you already have a talented sales team?

Top of the Funnel Cold Calls

Outsourcing B2B cold calling efforts to a qualified firm can serve as an excellent complement to your own internal sales team. Here’s why.

A committed outsourced B2B lead generation team can dedicate 100% of their time to making the calls, qualifying the leads, and properly transitioning them to your internal team.

It is a proven process that consistently gets your own experienced team in front of highly qualified leads when they are further along the sales cycle.  

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Depending on the field and prospect list, it may take thousands of calls and hundreds of conversations to narrow prospects down to a solid list of qualified opportunities.  

A salesperson must attempt at least one hundred calls for every deal that makes it to the table for negotiation and closing.  

If your own internal sales team does not have the experience or time required to consistently reach out and make the multiple touches necessary to reach a prospect, an outsourced team is a great investment.

Experience and Skill Set

B2B cold calling and telesales is a core competency, not one that every sales member may have.

Outsourcing to a team with this kind of experience can give you a significant advantage at this stage of the sales cycle. An experienced caller will ask the right questions and use their refined skill set to qualify and discover actionable leads.

The result? Detailed lead sheets ready to be handed off to an internal sales team that only include the names that are worth the time and effort required to move them through the rest of the sales funnel.

A Consistent Sales Pipeline

Engaging an outsourced team to work with your own team ensures that the sales funnel keeps flowing.

Having an outsourced team working to qualify leads frees up time for your own salespeople to negotiate with decision-makers who are closer to the end of the sales cycle.

This is where your team likely wants to be: at the table, negotiating the details and bringing the deal to a close.

This stage of the sales cycle demands time and attention. It’s best when you can use your talent for this sophisticated and nuanced part of the sales cycle.

Using an outsourced inside sales team to consistently make the calls and engage in conversation that results in qualified leads allows your sales team to do what they do best.

– John

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