Boosting Your Database For A Better Conversion Rate


Boosting Your Database For A Better Conversion Rate


If you’re like most B2B marketers, your data is incomplete, and this affects your ability to effectively generate leads and accurately rank them for sales.

NetProspex recently analyzed over 61 million database records and discovered that, while most companies did an excellent job capturing email addresses and names of key decision makers, they routinely failed to record the most basic information – a prospect’s telephone number.

We find that JMS Elite clients are often hesitant to require prospects to provide additional data, such as phone numbers, because it results in higher abandonment rates on their lead pages. In these cases, we recommend working with a database marketing provider to append missing data, and then refining the database accuracy via the phone. An outbound calling strategy, always requires some amount of ‘working the phones’ to find the right contact, and with the right partner on the phones, you can get very accurate data.

If you are willing to use your lead pages as a filter to capture prospects who are more likely to be truly interested, here are two best practices for getting your prospect database in shape:

Progressive Profiling Strategies

To successfully grow your conversion rate, you’ve got to optimize lead intelligence, and this requires effective use of marketing automation tools. A progressive profiling strategy can dynamically enhance the way you compile information. By progressively queuing up more specific questions, based upon previously completed form fields – you can actively engage potential leads to reveal more valuable details about their business needs, including their phone numbers. Having this data from your prospects enables you to increase conversion and build relationships that last over the course of the entire buying cycle.


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Leverage Your Premium Content

Your expertise is valuable. Offering premium content to potential prospects who supply additional information – such as telephone number – enriches your database and increases the perceived value of your content. Webinars and eBooks are two attractive add-ons that can be specifically targeted to business needs and tailored to each phase of a client’s buying cycle. Premium content is also a good way to encourage ongoing engagement and provide. The more information that you gather on potential clients and current customers alike, the better able you are to quickly adapt your content and align your sales strategy.




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