Build Your Sales Pipeline Quickly


Build Your Sales Pipeline Quickly

How a Front-End Approach Can Lead to Great Results for Your Sales Pipeline


If you need to build your sales pipeline quickly, and fill it with highly qualified leads, then bigger just might be better.


Having a bigger sales team sooner rather than later gives you the opportunity to build your pipeline rapidly.


When you have more people involved, you create a team effect that really helps the situation. With more people involved, and a bigger team created, you increase your chances of more good things happening in a short amount of time.


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In my experience, increasing the size of your sales team at the beginning and creating a big push results in a higher return on investment than the numbers would suggest.


If you usually begin with a two-person team and decide to increase to four, you are likely to more than double your sales results.


With a big start you can create velocity and build a lot of momentum. You get more tallies in the success column, and that creates valuable excitement. A bigger team tends to push each other to be the best they can be. This doesn’t happen as reliably with a one or two person sales team.


When is this the right approach?

If your budget allows, then starting with a larger team is a great approach. However, this isn’t always possible, or where you want to spend your money. If a rapid pipeline build isn’t your top priority, then starting with a smaller, experienced team aimed at a slow build is still successful.


Build Your Sales Pipeline QuicklyHowever, there may be some circumstances when investing in a larger team to create velocity is the way to go.


You may be working against a deadline. For example, there may be some sort of law or regulatory component in a certain industry, and the deadline is approaching. New systems have to be implemented within five months and you are selling the means to do that.


In order to take advantage and not lose out to others, you have to get hustling now and do more in two months rather than dragging it out over four or five. A small team simply won’t be able to cover the ground necessary before the deadline has been reached.


Getting ahead of the curve. If you have a piece of technology that is ahead of the curve and you need get ahead of your competitors, investing in a larger sales team is going to make the difference. You may have thousands of viable target prospects that need to become quality leads quickly. In this case, investing in a four or five person team that can do the work in a matter of months makes the most sense long-term.  


We are marking our 14th year as a successful B2B lead generation firm. I have seen the effect of having a bigger team hustling together. In many scenarios, a big push at the beginning makes a lot of sense and has a truly positive return on investment.


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