Setting Goals for B2B Lead Generation in 2021

Setting Goals for b2b lead generation in 2021

How will you invest your business development dollars?   The business world has experienced many shifts and turns in 2020, and your goals might look a bit different than you had initially expected. However, having goals set and ready (and understanding they may change) is important as we head into 2021.    With the pandemic, […]

How to Maximize Virtual Trade Show ROI

Trade shows have been and continue to be an important part of business for many companies. Yet in 2020, the number of organizations planning a virtual event doubled.     With the majority of trade shows facing cancellation in 2020 and the forecast for 2021 predicting a similar, socially-distanced year, it is likely we will continue […]

The State of Cold Calling Since COVID-19

The State of Cold Calling Since COVID-19

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been some uncertainty as to which businesses would still benefit from B2B cold calling. How has COVID-19 affected this tactic, and what does the state of cold calling look like since the pandemic began? Heavily impacted businesses The pandemic hit some businesses harder than others. Some have closed their […]

3 Ways to Create a Sense of Urgency on a Sales Call

sense of urgency on a sales call

  Creating a sense of urgency on a sales call can mean the difference between engaging in a conversation with a decision maker, or getting quickly ushered off the phone.   B2B cold calling remains a successful method for lead generation and is even more so if callers can gain the attention of a prospect […]

Why Do Some Cold Calling Programs Fail?

Cold calling programs fail

The business of cold calling can cause a lot of debate. Is cold calling dead? Are people still even using their phones? Does the internet replace the need for salespeople who can engage in a real conversation? While online marketing and sales programs play a large part in an overall strategy, there is still a […]