Why Complex Sales Requires Inside Sales Expertise

One of the main factors determining success in complex B2B sales is the caller’s level of expertise and experience. Complex B2B sales requires meaningful interactions between professional phone representatives and executives within those targeted accounts.   Put a business development executive on the phone who understands both the inherent value of the product or solution […]

How Your Sales Team Can Benefit from Outsourced Inside Sales

benefit from inside sales

How can you benefit from outsourced inside sales if you already have a talented sales team? Top of the Funnel Cold Calls Outsourcing B2B cold calling efforts to a qualified firm can serve as an excellent complement to your own internal sales team. Here’s why. A committed outsourced B2B lead generation team can dedicate 100% of […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Inside Sales to A Third-Party


Outsourcing inside sales to an experienced third-party vendor can provide a great ROI and solve many problems that business development executives face.   While some may be hesitant to look outside of their own organization in order to meet quotas and fill the sales pipeline, turning to a team with the experience and business acumen […]

What Are Best Practices for Transitioning Leads from Inside Sales?

transitioning leads from inside sales

Do you want to increase your close rate? Don’t throw away qualified opportunities.   One of the benefits of being in the B2B sales industry for over three decades, while continuing to attend trade shows and speak with industry leaders regularly, is that we know what determines success in lead generation through telesales.   When […]

Jumpstart Your Inside Sales Team


As an inside sales team manager, there may be times when it is necessary to step in and encourage those members of your team whose numbers are waning. In my experience, when you have a sales rep who has normally been consistently good, a few words of advice and direction can go a long way […]