Why Preparation Is Key to a Successful Call

Sales calls are the lifeblood of any enterprise that engages in complex B2B sales. And while meaningful interactions initiated by your teleprospecting team are vitally important when it comes to moving well-qualified leads down your sales funnel and along their path to purchase, true salesmanship is a product of thoroughly preparing for calls.  Today, we’re […]

3 Goals for a Successful Sales Call

3 Goals for a Successful Sales Call: JMS Elite

What does a successful sales call look like? How can you ascertain whether or not a sales call was successful?   Not all sales calls are going to look the same. In fact, they shouldn’t—B2B sales calls should be about the prospect, not the caller. Experienced callers find themselves spending more time listening rather than […]

The 3 Words That Will Change Your Close Rate

close rate

  Type “how to think like your buyer” into any search engine and you’ll receive countless links to webinars, publications, marketing conference invitations, online classes, and regular old books. The Words That Will Change Your Close Rate You could spend hours online reading white papers and parsing data but in our experience, thinking like your […]

Boost Sales Opportunities by Outsourcing Your Pre- and Post- Trade Show Calls

outsource trade show calls

Your Investment in Attending Trade Show and Industry Events Is Made More Effective When There Is Proper Preparation and Follow- Up. If you’ve ever attended a major trade show or industry event, then you are familiar with the constant grabs for your attention coming from exhibitors’ booths. Depending on the event, there may be magicians, […]

Take Three: Sales Skills and Techniques for More Meaningful Interactions

sales skills and meaningful interactions

There are times, though, when we wonder if our passion for these intangible sales skills is too zealous, too earnest. It’s nice when we come across an article backing up our assertion as we did in Linda Richardson’s post Six Critical Skills For The New Sales Dialogue. In this post, Ms. Richardson confirms that the high value […]