Why Preparation Is Key to a Successful Call

Sales calls are the lifeblood of any enterprise that engages in complex B2B sales. And while meaningful interactions initiated by your teleprospecting team are vitally important when it comes to moving well-qualified leads down your sales funnel and along their path to purchase, true salesmanship is a product of thoroughly preparing for calls.  Today, we’re […]

Building a Solid Framework for Successful B2B Sales Campaigns

Is traditional selling dead? Business to business models are changing significantly. Gone are the days of just selling products and services. Effective and successful sales teams are more focused on selling solutions to help their clients and prospects. Why the shift? There are higher margins in selling solutions and moving the customer needle towards more […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Calling Skills

3 Ways to Improve Your B2B Calling Skills

Improving your B2B calling skills is a great way to introduce qualified leads into your sales funnel quickly. A successful teleprospector should identify areas for improvement after each sales call – successful or not.    Are you or a team member finding it challenging to close sales? Here are three ways to begin the process […]

My 3 Golden Rules for Inbound and Outbound Lead Follow-Up

Lead follow-up

Lead follow-up is a crucial step in the sales process. A qualified lead can be wasted (and practically handed right over to the competition) if it is left to linger on the vine. Inbound and outbound leads are generated differently, so the rules for follow-up will vary slightly. The basic principles are the same, but […]

How Do You Properly Qualify a Lead?

“LEAD” – an opportunity to present your business solution to a qualified and interested party.  –JM Lead Qualification for Teleprospecting How do you properly qualify a B2B lead, whether for your own business or as a part of an outsourced lead generation team? Assuming that you have been able to get the attention of a […]