How B2B Marketers Can Effectively Reinvest Trade Show and Travel Budgets

B2B Marketers

The cancellation of most Trade shows and events for the remainder of 2020 has presented B2B marketers with a unique challenge – how to reallocate budgeted dollars wisely and effectively to ensure the top of the sales funnel remains active with relationship-focused outreach.   A 2018 study by CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) showed […]

B2B Sales – A Guide to The Benefits of Outsourced Lead Generation

benefits of outsourced lead generation

You understand that outsourcing is a viable option to integrate into your B2B sales program. You’ve heard that bringing in the experts to spearhead a lead generation program can have far-reaching benefits. Yet, you’re still not convinced of the benefits of outsourced lead generation for your company or your bottom line.  An apprehension to outsourcing […]

3 Important KPIs for Complex B2B Lead Generation

KPIs for B2B lead generation

While the number of closed sales is the predominant indicator of success for a B2B lead generation program, it is not the only KPI that should be measured when evaluating your own staff or outsourcing an inside sales team.  There are other metrics that should not be overlooked and can be helpful to examine to […]

Outsourcing Business Development in the North American Market

Outsourcing Business Development in the North American Market

    There is a lot of opportunity for foreign and multinational companies who want to expand their sales into the North American market. However, along with the opportunity, sales teams can often face barriers when expanding into foreign markets.   Even when a company has a successful inside sales team, there are several reasons […]

3 Ways You Are Losing Money at A Trade Show

Trade show attendance is an investment. Here’s how to maximize your ROI.   Whether you are representing your own company, or attending on behalf of your employer, being at a trade show should be a boost to your marketing and sales.   I have attended many shows and industry events over the last 20 years, […]