Cleveland, Ohio: A Great Place to Live, Work and Start a Business


Cleveland, Ohio is where JMS Elite, a lead generation business, is based and we are proud to witness the recent economic revival of this great city.


In my most recent blog post about Chance Meetings and Networking Your Business, I described several instances where a random meeting led to a successful business relationship.


One of those meetings was on an airport shuttle in Florida, and it happened because both the gentleman sitting beside me and I hail from Cleveland, Ohio. We both live and work there, and that connection led to a conversation that led to a business relationship.


Of course, it was happenstance that the two of us were sitting next to each other in Florida and had just traveled from Cleveland. However, Cleveland is experiencing a revival of late, and people are moving back to an area that had seen a declining population in the past two decades.


Now, chances are improving that when I am at a business convention, Cleveland will be better and better represented. What was once a city known only for industrialization is now growing as a center of innovation.


As we build our own company, we at JMS Elite love being a Cleveland-based lead generation firm.


Renewal and Revival in the Rustbelt


Built around industry, Cleveland (as well as many other Midwest “Rustbelt” cities), took a blow during the most recent economic downturn.


Cleveland, Ohio is where JMS Elite, a lead generation business, is based and we are proud to witness the recent economic revival of this great city.However, conduct a search now, and you’ll notice that many of the adjectives associated with the city are likely to be: renewal, revival, and innovation.


According to a recent article in US News, the choice of Cleveland as host of the 2016 Republican National Convention was not a political move, but a business one. The author cites that, “Cleveland’s move from an industrial city to an innovation city attracts well-educated young people.”


And this recent article from The Daily Beast states that Cleveland, Ohio, along with other area cities, is on a steady, upward path. Two factors contribute to this; one is the rise in American manufacturing, and the other is because of its people:


The second, and perhaps more surprising factor, is the wealth of human capital already existent in the region. After decades of decline, this is now expanding as younger educated workers move to the area in part to escape the soaring cost of living, high taxes, and regulations that now weigh so heavily on the super-star cities.  In fact, more educated workers now leave Manhattan and Brooklyn for places like Cuyahoga County and Erie County, where Cleveland and Buffalo are located, than the other way around.” – The Daily Beast


A wealth of young, educated people who are choosing Cleveland as an area to work and live means good things for all kinds of industry.


As a lead generation company working for companies that offer complex B2B solutions, services and products, we are excited at the prospect of new industry and innovative companies moving back and thriving in our home city.


Cleveland Is Investing In Itself

Another sign that things in Cleveland, OH are looking way up, is that the city is investing in itself.Cleveland, Ohio is where JMS Elite, a lead generation business, is based and we are proud to witness the recent economic revival of this great city.


Forbes magazine listed Cleveland as one of the Top 15 US Cities with Emerging Downtowns, and it’s no wonder with billions invested in revitalization projects like a new convention center, aquarium, hotels and recreation and tourist facilities.


Attracting people to the Cleveland area takes more than just new businesses. The communities in which people live are important too, and Cleveland is also benefitting from growth in the arts and nightlife scene.


Breweries, eateries, and live music clubs are opening, hoping to further attract people and families to put down roots here. Cleveland has been finding itself on several “top destination” lists as of late. Travel + Leisure Magazine included the city as one of the Best Places to Visit in 2015, citing new hotels, new restaurants, and the return of LeBron James as some of the top reasons to make the trip. The L.A. Times and Fodor’s also included Cleveland in their top 2015 destinations lists, with Fodor’s singling out the Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a good reason to visit.


Some other notable highlights in Cleveland for visitors and residents alike include:


Playhouse Square The largest theatre district outside of Broadway celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2012. It has a long and uplifting history, almost disappearing before the end of the last century before a grassroots effort led to the rescue and restoration of the historic buildings and theatres. Today it draws more than 1 million visitors annually to its performance venues.


Cleveland, Ohio is where JMS Elite, a lead generation business, is based and we are proud to witness the recent economic revival of this great city.
Severance Hall, Home of the Cleveland Orchestra, in Cleveland, Ohio

The world renowned Cleveland Orchestra plays at Severance Hall, built in 1931 and regarded by many as one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls. It underwent a huge renovation in 2000, and plays host to orchestras and other musical performances on a regular basis.


Just across the street is the Cleveland Museum of Art, which recently completed a $350 million expansion and renovation – another sign that Cleveland is investing in itself in order to expand its cultural offerings. A similar renovation is underway at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.


The new Cleveland Convention Center and nearby Global Center for Health Innovation, are both located in the heart of downtown on the shores of Lake Erie. Both modern centers are built with a look towards the future. The Global Center will serve health and health care innovation, technology, education and commerce, and the Convention Center boasts 225,000 square feet of exhibit space housed in three halls.


We are hoping that as these new entities thrive, and the investment in established areas continues, the growth of Cleveland will be more comprehensive, and therefore sustainable.


Good For Cleveland, Good For Business

New businesses, new people, a city re-investing in itself – all of these things make us proud to call Cleveland home. As a locally based company, we are proud to be a successful business that is adding to the upward mobility of Cleveland, OH.


I personally am hoping that I run into more and more business people at national conventions and trade shows who hail from Cleveland, as it will be a sign that this Midwestern city is once again becoming a thriving location for industry and innovation.


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Have You Visited Cleveland Recently?

If you need more convincing, take a look at this Smithsonian article written by Charles Michener, a native of Cleveland. He left for decades, and is now happy to return to his home city. It is a great read that really reflects the essence of Cleveland, Ohio and its people.


JMS Elite is invested in Cleveland and its growth, and we are happy we can contribute by providing a trusted source for successful lead generation and teleprospecting services for U.S. and foreign-based technology companies that need help building their sales pipeline in North America. Our clients hail from such diverse cities and locations as Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, LA, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Detroit.  So whenever we meet or speak with clients, we are serving as proud witnesses to all the positive activity that is happening in our great city.


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