3 Reasons Why Companies that Sell Products Should Engage in B2B Telemarketing


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In 2009 JMS Elite had its first opportunity to represent a client in a new-to-us industry – complex products. Up until that point, the vast majority of our clients were those selling business software solutions and consulting services, with almost no clients that sold high-ticket products.

With great success in that market (the client still works with us to this day) we were eager to apply our proven methodologies and generate qualified lead opportunities for other companies that sell complex products such as medical devices, instrumentation, and capital equipment manufactures.

Since that time, we have added a number of loyal clients who tell us the ROI for our programs is stellar.

But back to that first engagement, we quickly learned that companies that sell high-ticket products can uncover enormous opportunities when they engage in B2B telemarketing services. 

Many of these businesses lie in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, but we have also worked successfully with clients in the manufacturing, packaging, and instrumentation industries. 

3 Reasons Why B2B Telemarketing works for Selling Complex Products 

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  1. Answering The Call
  2. A Straightforward Sale
  3. B2B Cold Calling Covers More Ground


1. Answering The Call

Prospects in target industries for complex products are more likely to pick up the phone and take your call. In our experience, when our callers were reaching out to key decision makers in these types of industries, the phone was answered at a rate two to three times higher than when calling into the line of business contacts in the solution and services industries. 

The result? A dramatic increase in the lead volume for our clients, leading to increased sales and a high return on investment.

Traditionally, companies that sell healthcare and lab products, machinery, instruments, and other high-end equipment have not used the phone as part of their sales model. 

As a result, prospects are less likely to be bombarded with sales calls and are more likely to answer the phone and have a conversation about their current needs. Simply gaining access to, and engaging with, key prospects means a higher probability of filling the sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Telemarketing for Complex Products

2. A Straightforward Sale

In contrast to software and business solutions and services, high-end medical or lab products, machinery, and instrumentation tend to require less background and education for the prospect. Even complex and high-end products such as industrial equipment, medical equipment, lasers, and lab instruments require a much more straightforward conversation to determine need and discuss benefits. 

The difference when selling in this industry is that there is less of a need to educate a prospect about what you are selling and generally either a need for the product or not. Often with software or less tangible business solutions, there is a learning curve for the prospect, especially if it is a newer concept or idea.

When our callers reach out about a product, there is less of a need to educate, as the prospect was usually already aware, or perhaps was already using the product about which we were calling. Additionally, there may also be opportunities to upsell.

The result of a more straightforward process is a shorter sales cycle and a success rate two or three times higher than that of other industries.

3 Reasons to Engage B2B Telemarketing

3. B2B Cold Calling Covers More Ground

The traditional sales model that is preferred by companies that sell complex, high ticket products relies heavily on sales reps being on the floor of a prospect’s business.

There is a tendency to believe sales reps need to be on-site to sell a complex piece of equipment and understand the needs of a prospect, and often that is true. However, in many instances, the beginning of the sale cycle can and should start on the phone.

In fact, a simple phone call to the right person at the right level, by a professional caller, is very effective. 

If a company has a prospect list numbering in the hundreds, or even thousands, there’s no better way to approach them, methodically and more quickly, than to pick up the phone and talk to somebody to find out what the needs might be in a given organization. 

An outside sales rep simply cannot cover the same amount of ground that can be covered by a professional B2B telemarketing program.

By putting experienced professionals on the phone, it’s possible to qualify many more leads in a shorter period of time and move them through the pipeline quickly. Prospects also appreciate a well-placed call by a company offering products that can help fill a need.


“JMS Elite uses a much more thorough process than other lead generation firms we have engaged; they really dig in and find the right decision makers who are product ready. Across our marketing programs, JMS Elite delivers the highest ROI.” –

John Lewis, Carl Zeiss Metrology, LLC


Our results have convinced us that there is a tremendous opportunity for those that sell complex products to benefit from B2B Telesales.

Outsourcing B2B sales puts experienced, business professionals on the phone to cover more ground and uncover real opportunities to sell your product. Outsourcing also allows you to scale up or down depending on need and allows you to get ahead of the competition by increasing brand awareness and getting your name, and your product, in front of the right buyers.

If you represent a company that sells high-ticket, complex products visit our services page to learn more about our proven methodologies, as well as what our customers have to say about our professional callers and positive ROI.

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Editor’s note: This article, originally published in 2017, has been edited and updated in 2019.