Why Executive Experience is Key to Successful B2B Lead Generation


Why Executive Experience is Key to Successful B2B Lead Generation

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” -Mark Hunter

Successful lead generation in a B2B environment takes executive-level skills and experience.

You are asking your lead generation team to build relationships with key decision-makers, understand their needs and challenges, and offer real solutions for their business pain points.

You wouldn’t ask the rookies on your sales team to initiate these kinds of relationships and expect high-level results. Similarly, if you’re hiring out your lead generation, be sure you’re hiring callers who can interact at the executive level.

What does executive experience bring to the table?

Experienced executives are excellent evaluators of prospects. They have the skills needed to uncover the leads that are worth continuing to nurture through your sales pipeline and which leads are unqualified.

They are professionals who will represent your company with the poise and problem-solving skills you need to consistently convert prospects into leads.

The magic lies in the experienced professional’s ability to start conversations with a genuine interest in uncovering your prospect’s challenges.

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Yes, they are exceptional presenters and communicators, but they also know the value of guiding prospects into a discussion of their current situation and asking the questions that will get them talking about their needs, before presenting the solutions you have to offer.

A peer-level caller can establish meaningful interactions, then follow up with in-depth knowledge and specific examples of how your company can solve their business pain points.

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The experience that a seasoned executive brings to the table translates into knowledgeable lead-generation with a vision for the end goal and a wellspring of business interactions on which to rely.

Business executives also know how to differentiate opportunities, saving your company resources by removing prospects that have no real chance of converting.

When you outsource to experienced executive level teleprospectors, you’ll avail yourself of all the lessons they’ve learned, and the skills they’ve developed throughout their careers.

These individuals would not have reached leadership positions without the ability to communicate convincingly with all types of people and adapt to a wide variety of sales scenarios.

If you’re considering outsourcing to a B2B lead generation firm, take the time to understand who you are hiring, their level of experience, and their ability to professionally represent your business and speak on your behalf.


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