3 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outsourced Lead Generation Firm


3 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outsourced Lead Generation Firm

Hiring an outsourced lead generation firm is a wise move whether you’re breaking into a new market, or looking for growth in your existing sphere. But hiring the wrong firm – inexperienced, inefficient, or unproven – is a real risk.

Consider the answers to the following three questions before choosing a company to run your B2B lead generation campaign.

1. Do they understand teleprospecting?

There is a difference between high-volume, script-based cold calling and solution-seeking dialogue designed to understand a prospect’s situation. The firm you hire for B2B lead generation should not only understand the latter approach — teleprospecting — it should also have a record of proven results with it.

If the lead generation company you are considering speaks in terms of telemarketing geared toward consumer sales or appointment setting, realize that you are barking up the wrong tree.

An effective complex sale B2B lead generation company will be able to build relationships with prospects, uncover and understand their business needs, and bring forward the right solutions.

How is teleprospecting different from traditional telemarketing? Telemarketing vs. Teleprospecting

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2. Will they learn and understand your target market?

A qualified lead generation partner will work with you to identify the most valuable opportunities for your company, consider the potential profits, and determine the chance of success of those opportunities.

In addition, outsourced callers should be able to quickly learn the details, and vocabulary, of your target market and have enough understanding of your product, solution, or service to speak knowledgeably and on your behalf.

3. Can they revive dormant leads?

What about your leads that have gone have dormant? Are they worth investing time to nurture back into the sales pipeline, or are you better off moving on?

Your lead generation partner should come to the table with the skills to nurture your dormant lead list, reprioritize them, and re-engage with the ones that are still viable. The result will be a revived list of qualified leads.

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Asking the right questions when hiring an outsourced lead generation firm will ensure you find a company that will build new relationships, freshen your approach to market opportunities, re-engage with dormant leads, and reinvigorate your sales pipeline.


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