How to Leverage an Outsourced Inside Sales Partner


Outsourcing B2B cold calls to an inside sales partner can help your business in many different ways and across various checkpoints in the sales pipeline. Leveraging and utilizing the full range of skills an outsourced inside sales partner brings to the table can prove extremely beneficial for company growth and increased sales.

How to Leverage an Outsourced Inside Sales Partner

When you engage with an experienced partner that has a proven track record, you can leverage their talents in a number of focused areas.

1. Market Validation and Research

Are there more opportunities in different markets for your product, solution, or service? Or is there a product, solution, or service that businesses are choosing over yours? What are they using and what is their experience with it? 

There may be markets available for your business to break into that you have not previously attempted, and there might be opportunities to enhance your product based on what customers need. But how can you gather this information?

Experienced B2B cold callers can reach decision-makers, engage in conversations, uncover powerful information, assess market readiness, and provide detailed insights into the needs of potential buyers.

This type of market research, done by experts, and resulting in comprehensive information for your business can be an invaluable aspect of engaging qualified callers to uncover opportunities.

2. Upselling to Current Clients

If your business offerings have expanded and diversified, reaching out to current clients and letting them know about new opportunities is good business, and it has the added benefit of creating more opportunities for upselling.

If you have a new product, service, or solution to sell, your target market may already be familiar with your brand but simply aren’t aware of your new offerings. With the probability of selling to an existing customer between 60-70% compared to 5-20% when selling to an entirely new prospect, driving opportunity within your current client base has a greater likelihood of leading to a sale and is a worthy investment. 

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3. Lead Nurturing

Successful lead nurturing requires solid callers with a strong background and the high level of business acumen that is required to speak to decision-makers. The practice of nurturing leads is not quite the same as cold calling, as it involves reaching out to dormant leads or to leads that started the sales cycle but did not complete it. 

These types of leads require finesse. When experienced callers are able to prompt dormant leads with the right questions, they can discover why they got lost in the pipeline and gain insight into how you might be able to bring them back into the funnel. 

Dormant leads often get forgotten because a sales team just does not have the bandwidth to dedicate time to sift through contacts and make the calls needed to find ones with real potential. A highly qualified outsourced team can dedicate 100% of their time to work through these leads and nurture those most likely to carry through to a close. 

We find that the majority of companies chase new leads while neglecting those in need of nurturing. B2B lead nurturing can lead to extremely positive results and an excellent ROI. 

If you dedicate time to current customers and dormant leads by outsourcing to those with the expertise to qualify them, you will uncover opportunities that others overlook. As providers of outsourced B2B lead generation services, we have seen success with this method firsthand.

4. Pre- and Post-Show Calling

Engaging in comprehensive pre-show calling and post-show follow up can produce great ROI when you’ve invested in attending a trade show or event. Calls made in advance of a show that are conducted by a skilled team will ensure you can connect with the prospects you have already identified and will enhance their awareness of your brand. 

Similarly, taking the time to conduct thorough, timely, and consistent follow-up calls will help you to maintain a connection with someone who stopped by your booth or who you met at a party or presentation.

These pre- and post-show connections are often neglected once internal pressures begin to demand the attention of your sales team. An outsourced inside sales team will have the time, knowledge, and skills required to reach out prior to and following a show.

Leveraging your inside sales partner in this way can help you get ahead of your competition, force you to make a plan, secure appointments, and ensure the time and money you spend on trade show attendance produces a great ROI.

An outsourced inside sales partner is an excellent resource for generating B2B leads, but there are many ways the partnership can be leveraged so you are utilizing all of their skills and abilities to achieve sales success. 

If you are interested in learning more about how an outsourced inside sales partner can benefit you and your company, please feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities available for your business. 


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