How Investing in Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Can Improve ROI


How investing in outsourced b2b lead generation can improve ROIIf you’ve ever considered outsourcing B2B lead generation due to an overburdened sales team, you may be concerned that it isn’t cost effective. However, your current inside sales team is most likely unable to dedicate 100% of their time to outbound calling efforts. This can slow and often fragment the sales process.

Sourcing qualified leads and setting appointments is crucial for those organizations relying on quality leads to earn sales. While it is considered one of the most difficult parts of the sales process, and often a major hurdle to meeting sales goals, outsourcing your B2B lead generation efforts can save your organization time and money, and increase your return on investment.

Investing in a professional outsourced team to manage your inside sales program will free up your team to focus purely on selling. Outsourcing alleviates the time-consuming activities of making calls and qualifying leads. Engagement with leads early and often, with proper follow-up, helps to shorten the sales cycle.

Why is outsourcing your B2B lead gen so effective?

  • Overhead remains low because you don’t have to hire additional trained staff.
  • An outsourced team like JMS Elite has the experience and core competency skill to jump in and begin calling after a short onboarding period, normally about 2 weeks.
  • You are hiring experts who do not need to be trained and aren’t distracted with other administrative sales activities
  • You can scale activities upward or downward depending on your needs without hiring or firing sales reps.
  • Managing and reporting activities are handled by the outsourced team, freeing up the time of internal employees who are often bogged down by administrative duties.

“It is not luck that increases your inside sales rate, but the consistent use of a proven formula that will lead to success.”

– Jim Scaparotti, Principal/Co-Founder of JMS Elite

Outsourcing your leadgen efforts can yield great results by:

  • Understanding and validating your vertical markets before-hand gives you an edge up. Sounds simple, but the process of researching and validating a lead before calling is a tedious process. Many sales teams often ignore it.
  • An outsourced B2B lead gen team has the experience and single focus of researching and validating qualified leads through targeted market research to efficiently identify the pain points of your prospects. This will allow them to have a productive and educated conversation with the prospect, building a solid connection.
  • Establishing these connections with inbound leads help uncover valuable information needed to enter and compete within that market.

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Looking for an edge over your competition?

There is no better way to validate opportunity in a target market than to engage potential prospects early and often. A disciplined, thorough process to assess market readiness can

provide detailed insights into the needs of potential buyers. Understanding the pain points of your prospects and having a productive conversation and to position your company as

an expert in the field, is one of our goals of an outsourced lead gen sales partner. Many companies assign cold calls to entry-level inside sales reps to save follow-up on

qualified leads for their experienced sales reps. This is not the best approach.

  • Experienced B2B leadgen salespeople are experienced callers who can engage in peer to peer conversations with executive decision makers and evaluators.
  • They understand the nuances of the conversation and can decipher important pain points and offer solutions.
  • They know what to do when they are met with resistance. An experienced rep can overcome objections to steer the conversation back on track.


B2B cold calling is a core competency that comes from business experience and is a skill that is not common with all salespeople. Outsourcing to experts who can bring in qualified leads as well as begin making calls as soon as the program is initiated will have a positive and immediate impact on your sales pipeline growth.

Complement and strengthen your sales team for greater results with a proven B2B lead gen partner. If you think JMS can help with your calling and/or preparation, we’d love to hear from you.