Investing in the Top of the Funnel Delivers Rewards


Investing in the Top of the Funnel Delivers Rewards - Lead nurturing for complex B2B Sales

Why is Lead Nurturing for Complex B2B Sales Important?

Every sales team has a pile of leads that have been generated, reached a point in the sales cycle, and for some reason have gone cold.


This cache of leads tends to grow over time, pushed aside because there have been more urgent matters at hand, and they have less and less of a chance to be pursued effectively.


These dormant leads are all opportunities, prospects that at one time raised their hands and said, “Yes, I’m interested.”


Taking the time to reach out and check in with these potential opportunities and nurture them back into your sales pipeline is more than worth your time.


The inclination is to assume that if a prospect showed interest at one point, and the process was stalled, that the interest isn’t still there. The fact is, that if they were interested at one time, there is a certain percentage that are still interested right now, but the calls need to be made to find out.


And if you’re not following up, your competition will.



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Why You Should Outsource Lead Nurturing

Dormant leads don’t pile up because your sales team doesn’t have the intention of following up.


Most often leads go dormant because there isn’t the bandwidth to dedicate the time it takes to sift through the names and make the calls.


Outsourcing your lead nurturing efforts means acquiring a dedicated team that has the time to give the proper attention needed to uncover real opportunities.


Hiring an outsourced team also ensures that the discovery work will be done to determine which opportunities are more urgent, which ones have fallen off altogether, and which ones simply need more time.


The result: a list of prospects that are re-engaged, ranked appropriately, and have moved back into your sales pipeline.


Your own sales staff are busy attending to the most pressing and urgent matters of the day – such is the nature of sales. Dormant leads don’t loudly demand attention, and therefore (almost) always do not get it.

Create opportunity, and continuously feed the sales pipeline with qualified, actionable sales leads – How To Run a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Outsourcing Your Lead Nurturing is a Good Investment

A lead nurturing program run by a highly qualified outsourced team with proven strategies produces a significant return on investment. When compared to a purely cold calling program, the numbers are better across the board.


Calls that are made to nurture leads are not purely cold calls. There’s an element of warmth to these interactions because the prospect did show interest at one time in the past.


Because the caller can allude to that and soften the front end of the call – it leads to a greater chance of a meaningful interaction, a real conversation, and a qualified opportunity.

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To Nurture A Lead, The Calls Have to Be Made


There are many reasons why a lead may have fallen out of the sales cycle. Whatever the reason, there is no opportunity if the calls aren’t made!


There are almost always good intentions on the part of a sales team to revisit leads that have grown stagnant. The calls are put on a to-do list, but still are most often kept on a back burner.


Calls have to actually be made if there is any chance to guide a lead back into the buying process. When an outsourced team is employed to focus on this singular task, real opportunities are uncovered and valuable leads are generated.


JMS Elite has a proven track record in successful lead nurturing. Our highly experienced Business Development Executives (BDEs) apply our proven methodology to take dormant or slow-to-develop opportunities to the next level.




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