JMS Elite at AHIMA Los Angeles 2017


JMS Elite at AHIMA Los Angeles 2017

AHIMA Los Angeles is on the horizon, an annual gathering of health information professionals and industry leaders in the field of health data analytics, informatics, and information governance.


JMS Elite will be attending this year and, as with any trade show or conference, we are planning out our time in advance to optimize what we will accomplish for our own networking purposes, for those of our clients, as well as to learn what the industry has in store for the future of health information management.

Proven Methodologies for Trade Shows

We are a B2B lead generation company that focuses on telesales, but we understand the importance of attending trade shows and conferences.


For ourselves and for our clients we find that gatherings such as these can accelerate new business relationships. A lot can be accomplished by meeting face-to-face with people and understanding their needs.


We’ve written before about our proven methodologies for maximizing your investment at trade shows and conferences. Preparation beforehand is key to ensuring that you will see and talk to prospects and clients; one cannot expect to navigate the thousands of visitors and presenters and happen upon qualified prospects.


Make the most out of your attendance and investment at industry events –  Boost Sales Opportunities by Outsourcing Your Pre- and Post- Trade Show Calls


Business Opportunities Created

Scheduling meetings in advance of our attendance at a recent HIMSS conference led to our business partnership with Verato, a software company that offers a cloud-based platform for resolution and matching technology.


Our B2B lead generation capabilities, as well as our extensive background in the healthcare industry, was a successful fit for Verato, resulting in qualified, actionable sales leads and a positive return on investment.


“JMS Elite partners well and knows the ins and outs of the Healthcare space. Their callers (BDEs) are experienced and capable of engaging on the phone senior decision makers to generate qualified actionable sales leads.”

Jason Bihun, Vice President Sales – Commercial, Verato


An initial meeting with representatives from Verato at that particular conference has turned into a partnership that has been mutually successful. We look forward to the opportunity to grow their networking as we both attend AHIMA in Los Angeles



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JMS Elite in the Healthcare Industry

Our business helps companies target prospects, qualify them as opportunities, and bring the two sides together. And we do it especially well in the healthcare space.


Attending a show focused on the healthcare industry means we get to meet with current and future clients, and educate ourselves to understand what’s most important to healthcare organizations today and, very importantly, what’s coming up that should be on our radar.


By participating, we’re staying on top of trends and understanding what’s most important to the healthcare industry.


The following are areas of particular interest to us as we attend AHIMA in October:

  • Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Patient Matching
  • Information Governance
  • IT Innovation


Interested in Learning How JMS Elite Can Help Your Business?

For those who will also be attending or exhibiting at AHIMA in October and are interested in B2B lead generation programs with proven success, we would be happy to take this opportunity to meet with you. Leave a note on our contact form or call 440-943-4200.


Leave a note on our contact form or call 440-943-4200.


Have other questions about our lead generation programs for Healthcare and Life Sciences? Visit our Industries page.




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