JMS Elite at PACK EXPO 2017


JMS Elite at PACK EXPO 2017


Of the hundreds of B2B trade shows and industry events that take place in the U.S. each year, we always have PACK EXPO on our radar, and we will be attending in Las Vegas at the end of September.



Trade Show News Network (TSNN) ranks PACK EXPO as number six in the top 250 US Trade Shows; it is an important event with industry experts attending and exhibiting, and cutting-edge technologies in action and on display.



While an event like this is always an essential part of B2B networking, it is also the place to be to gain insight into the trends of the industry, what is on the horizon, and where to find the next opportunities.


The following are some noteworthy highlights of PACK EXPO 2017:

Innovation stage – this is a free educational showcase of the topics that the organizers of PACK EXPO consider to be of note for innovation and current industry issues.


Learn what the experts recognize to be essential for the future of industrial packaging.


Sustainability is a concern for all aspects of the product and manufacturing industry. This year, PACK EXPO devotes a section to reusable packaging, including product demonstrations and educational sessions.


PACK EXPO plays host to several industry receptions. Receptions create unique opportunities for face-to-face interactions that can be hard to obtain during the rest of the event.


The number of people attending a show like this tops 30,000; attending a reception within your own industry, or one you are targeting, is sometimes the best opportunity to make connections with prospects.


Whether attending as an exhibitor or visitor, it is essential at any trade show to prepare and follow-up in order to maximize your investment.


The preparation before a trade show, and the follow-through afterwards can make the difference between leaving with a few possible leads or leaving with a targeted list of qualified prospects and opportunities.



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JMS Elite and the Product Industry

Why does JMS Elite make attending PACK EXPO 2017 a priority?


In our early years as an outsourced B2B sales firm, we worked primarily with clients who sold software and consulting services. Since signing on with a client in the product industry eight years ago, we have seen the enormous potential of this market sector.


Our methodologies for finding highly qualified sales opportunities for our clients through cold calling have proven extremely successful for those selling high-ticket and complex products, machinery and instruments.


Because many businesses in the product industry still rely on traditional sales methods and do not use the phone, we have seen dramatic results with our teleprospecting programs.


We find that buyers pick up the phone more often and are willing to talk about their product needs, resulting in excellent ROI for our clients.


Trade shows such as PACK EXPO are extremely valuable to our business, for both networking and for gaining a deeper knowledge of the industry.





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