The Key to Successful Outsourced B2B Lead Generation


key to outsourced B2B lead generationA common thread in the positive feedback we receive from our B2B lead generation clients is the quality and thoroughness of our lead sheets.


The notes, comments, and recommended next steps from our experienced callers can have a significant impact on the outcome of the sale and ensure a successful transition from an outsourced caller to an internal sales team.


Comprehensive Lead Sheets Make a Difference


We consistently hear from happy clients that they have never before experienced such detailed lead sheets, and their information is a key factor in the success of the sale.


Comprehensive and detailed lead sheets are a result of peer-to-peer conversations with key decision makers that provide essential details about a prospect. They are never the result of scripted conversations from entry-level callers.


Meaningful Interactions in B2B Lead Generation

How are we able to provide such detail? Callers experienced in complex B2B sales know that it takes real conversations, and a good deal of listening, to connect with prospects and get them to reveal business pains.


Asking open-ended questions that encourage a longer conversation is a consistent and proven method to connect with prospects and uncover valuable information:


  • How is the prospect’s business doing things today?
  • What solutions are currently in place?
  • Are these solutions delivering positive results?
  • What is the timeframe for decision-making, and what is the budget?
  • Does the person we are speaking with have the authority to make this decision?


A completed lead sheet should define the need of the prospect as much as possible.


In addition, capturing other information such as family, personal likes, or anything else prospects choose to share, helps to create meaningful interactions that can build a solid foundation for the rest of the sales cycle.


Why It Matters


The data gathered through meaningful interactions is extremely valuable to our clients because we are able to capture the story of opportunity.


It can mean the difference between truly qualified leads or a list of lukewarm appointments.


Callers with business acumen and business experience know how to guide a phone call that will result in the exchange of valuable information, possible solutions, and clear next steps.


In the hands of an inexperienced caller, the conversation is likely to be more one-sided, with less opportunity for the prospect to reveal the details of their current situation.

Meaningful Interactions Download

Create Meaningful Interactions for Successful Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

A caller with the mindset to listen, learn, and discover information about a prospect will uncover a highly-qualified sales opportunity that can then be passed on for follow-up conversations.


Outsourcing inside sales to a B2B lead generation firm that has the capacity to engage in conversations that lead to quality lead sheets is essential to success.