3 Strategies for B2B Lead Generation in 2022


3 Strategies for Lead Generation in 2022

To stay competitive and steadily drive qualified leads, your B2B lead generation strategy has to be up to date with industry trends. Implementing the following strategies will help you to build a robust lead generation program, equipped to conquer new challenges and a shifting sales landscape in 2022.

1. Inside Sales Strategy

Lead generation through inside sales is essential to long-term and sustainable growth for B2B companies.

Inside sales teams work to convert tough B2B leads, but even the most experienced teams need assistance from marketing. Sales teams are best able to engage leads when the market is already aware of your brand. Strong inside sales relies on multiple engagement channels to build brand awareness and trust in the market, so when sales representatives reach out to a lead, the lead is already warmed up to what you have to offer. When a lead is familiar with your brand, you have more time to address the lead’s unique needs and pains and need to spend less time explaining the basics of your company.

Finding the right team of sales representatives can be difficult, especially when you work in a complex, niche market. Outsourcing this function can reveal new market opportunities by partnering with a team of representatives with experience in your industry, who know how to leverage value-based messaging to connect with your niche.

2. Data-Driven Strategy

To optimize your inside sales strategy, and your overall lead generation in 2022, you must continually make smart decisions based on proven results. Your lead generation strategy doesn’t just work to draw in consumers, it also helps you collect vital data that can be used to inform and improve your overall strategy.

Using digital channels to spread brand awareness has the added benefit of collecting analytics that can be used to enhance your lead generation program. Reviewing this data can reveal the best avenues for your brand and what tactics are currently underperforming.

The data you collect through digital platforms like email is invaluable to your operation because it is based on your unique audience, so you know the conclusions you draw from this data apply specifically to your corner of the market. Knowing the habits, preferences, and quirks of your unique target market is integral to creating a lead generation program that targets those specific audiences.

Basing your strategy on actionable data means you have the numbers to back up your decisions and can compare results to make sure you are on the right track. The longer you track this data, the more informed your decision-making will be when altering your strategy, with key performance indicators to tell you if you are making the right changes.

3. Lead Nurturing Strategy

When preparing for lead generation in 2022, consider your lead nurturing strategy. A strong lead nurturing strategy is necessary to create a lead generation program that reaches precise targets with optimal messaging. Lead nurturing can warm up new leads, awaken dormant leads, and uncover new opportunities among current clients.

Creating meaningful interactions is one of the most important aspects of any focused lead nurturing process; whether online, over the phone, or in person, you have to prioritize creating the right interaction every time.

Having the right team behind your lead nurturing program will be the make or break difference in creating a strategy that targets your complex market with messaging that actively converts. You most likely have marketing qualified leads who you were unable to convert; an experienced team backed by proven lead nurturing strategies can re-engage these leads to get them back in the sales pipeline.

Planning for Growth in the New Year

Keeping these three key strategies in mind will help you prepare for changes in 2022. Being prepared for new challenges and growth is integral to having a sales program that continues to drive leads throughout the year. If you think your organization still needs room to grow, consider expanding your team.

An outsourced calling firm can help you implement these strategies as well as additional methods to maintain a competitive and cutting-edge lead generation program for complex B2B sales.