How to Nurture B2B Leads Generated Through Inbound Marketing



You’ve taken an integrated approach to lead generation, using both inbound marketing efforts and outbound calling.


Chances are, if you are putting out valuable content that is relevant to your business and your potential customers, you are generating inbound leads.


Are all of these leads qualified? Do they have the potential to lead to a closed sale? Marketing efforts have attracted them to your business and they have given you their information, so now it’s important to act immediately using proven methodologies so you don’t lose them to the competition.


You have collected names, contact information, and possibly some additional data gathered through online forms. So, what is the best way to nurture B2B leads generated through inbound marketing?


B2B Lead Nurturing Must Incorporate Your Sales Team

Statistics support the theory that, once a lead is generated through inbound marketing, your organization must reach out immediately and with multiple touch points.


Following up with targeted marketed materials is helpful, but in B2B sales, when the cycle lasts several months and the products or services are complex, the marketing information must just be a prelude to a real sales effort assigned to an effective salesperson.


There is key information that cannot be discovered through targeted outbound messaging. The names and email addresses that you receive from interested parties through gated content only tell you part of the story.



Meaningful Interactions Download


A phone call from an experienced salesperson can truly qualify a lead in ways that isolated inbound marketing cannot:

  • Who is reading your content and why? Is the person who requested information a decision maker with the authority to advance the sale?


  • What business pains are they experiencing? A real conversation is needed in order to uncover complex business problems and determine if the solution you are offering is a good fit.


  • Is their business valuable to you? Multiple touch points from an unscripted, executive caller who can answer questions and find actionable solutions, sends a message that you value the business of the prospect and they will be nurtured throughout the entire sales cycle.


Outsourced B2B Sales Ensures Correct Follow-Up and Follow-Through


Any time there is an influx of top-of-funnel leads, there is the potential to let prospects fall through the cracks.


Whether you generate interest from a trade show or conference, or through solid inbound marketing, there is potentially some real opportunity in those who have reached out to you.


Don’t rely on automated messaging to qualify those opportunities.


If your own team isn’t qualified, or more likely, does not have the time to personally reach out multiple times and have conversations, outsourcing the calls is a proven method for uncovering B2B leads.


A highly qualified outsourced team will be able to dedicate 100% of their time working through leads generated through inbound marketing and find the prospects with the most potential to carry through to a closed sale.





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