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outsourced inside sales

Jobs are becoming more complicated, especially those of salespeople. In a world with perpetually increasing complexity, how can sales teams be expected to reach their goals and succeed for their company?

The Benefits of Outsourced Inside Sales

Salespeople are trying to bring in qualified leads, but are frequently faced with increasing internal demands that take time and lower productivity. Internal sales teams are stretched thin with increasing amounts of work and responsibilities. 

If companies want to meet and exceed sales goals, they need to find ways to simplify and streamline the process.

We know outsourcing can help achieve that. Here’s how.

Set your sales team up for success

If “the average [sales] opportunity requires 4.3 colleagues internally to help in some capacity navigate that deal to closure,” where can sales teams expect to find an employee to dedicate to each individual step of the sale, especially the initial ones? 

Salespeople with true talent tend to get promoted and spend less time on the phones, which is where their talents could really be used. Often the lower level associates who are tasked with cold calling do not have the knowledge and business acumen to excel at connecting with the appropriate decision makers and qualifying leads. This can prove problematic for complex sales.

When the majority of internal teams tend to focus on sales that are closer to a deal, a lot of talent is directed to the bottom of the sales pipeline. 

You can certainly allocate your top sales team members to use their talents with sales that are closer to a deal; this is not a bad thing as it is often the internal stars that are good at bringing everything together. However, this usually leaves a deficit at the top of the sales pipeline where talent is still essential.

Outsourced inside sales can provide enormous relief to internal sales teams by offering up a team of highly qualified callers to lay the groundwork through cold calling that provides results. 

Outsourced inside sales teams are comprised of sales professionals who are willing and able to dedicate their time to reach out to prospects, establishing relationships, engaging in meaningful conversations to uncover business pains, and offering tailored solutions to high-level executives — those with the authority to pull the trigger on significant business decisions. 

They are then able to connect these executive decision makers with an internal sales team as qualified leads, effectively moving the sale seamlessly through the pipeline. 

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Dedicate committed sales experts to the calls

Salespeople are constantly plugged in – they’re on their phones, they’re online, they’re in meetings, they’re everywhere at once and are unable to do everything. What you’re left with are frazzled, tired sales employees who want to succeed but aren’t given the tools to do so. 

No matter the size of a sales team, internal tasks take up time. Being busy does not always equate to productivity, and this can take a toll on the early part of the sales cycle that requires time to nurture and build trust.

An outsourced inside sales team can dedicate 100% of their time to be on the phone speaking with high-level executives and engaging in intelligent, industry-specific conversation that gets to the core of companies’ biggest issues. 

Without any meetings to distract, outsourced callers have the bandwidth to appropriately research the industry into which they are delving with every call and can take all the time necessary to have discussions and offer specific solutions. 

Dedicating an outsourced sales team is not only efficient but is a benefit to the prospects you seek. When experienced sales professionals are closing sales, the solution is often to put underqualified, low-level salespeople with no experience on the phones to work through a prospect list.  

Yet too often, these salespeople are so focused on the numbers that the leads they provide are not qualified and are a waste of everyone’s time. This can lead to a poor representation of your company and have a negative impact on its brand.

When you dedicate intelligent, knowledgeable salespeople to conduct the calls, they are able to host real conversations, offer legitimate solutions, and hand off qualified leads to your internal teams who can then complete the sale.

Streamline the work and marvel at the results

Internal sales teams are pulled in many directions and are feeling the pressure to close deals and hit their numbers… so when can they be expected to make time for cold calls? 

If internal salespeople are juggling their everyday tasks, company meetings, and tending to clients’ needs, they are often unable to perform their best during the time when it is needed the most: at the very beginning of the sales cycle.

Outsourced teams are given a singular task — to make calls and qualify leads. The system that outsourced inside sales teams follow is as simple and streamlined as possible, and it is also easy to measure and determine the ROI. 

Outsourced inside sales provide results

Committing a team of outsourced B2B sales experts to cold calling provides relief for overworked salespeople, understaffed teams, and concerned executives who wonder why sales are taking a hit. We have seen our clients achieve and surpass their sales goals by outsourcing B2B cold calling. 

Have you ever considered outsourcing your sales to a team of experts or wonder if it would be the right choice for your company? Please feel free to reach out to my team to discuss how we can help get your company on track and ahead of the competition.


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