Outsourcing Business Development in the North American Market


Outsourcing Business Development in the North American Market



There is a lot of opportunity for foreign and multinational companies who want to expand their sales into the North American market. However, along with the opportunity, sales teams can often face barriers when expanding into foreign markets.


Even when a company has a successful inside sales team, there are several reasons why outsourcing to a team within the US can prove more successful and help get an established foothold in a new territory.


We have successfully represented businesses from several European nations as well as South Korea, Israel, and Brazil. These clients represent both established companies, as well as start-ups looking to gain traction in the US and North America, and they have found that outsourcing to our team of callers is a solid investment.

Why does it work so well to outsource?

Every situation is different, however, there are several elements of hiring a team that is already operating in the area into which you are trying to sell that can give you the advantage:


1. An experienced outsourced team will have the business acumen needed to understand the industries into which they are calling, including the appropriate titles to contact and how to speak to them professionally. There are nuances between industries and having prior experience means knowing who the decision makers are, and what industry language they use and respond to.


2. If a company is new to the N. American market, there is a story that needs to be told about their business strategy and execution. This requires a real conversation at a peer-to-peer level and is helped when the caller understands the current business climate.


3. Language and culture. Even when members of your sales team speak fluent English, they can still face barriers to business development as non-native speakers. There are nuances in delivery and even regional terms that can lead to miscommunication when speaking about complex solutions to business problems.


The Benefits of Experience and Industry Knowledge


As a lead generation company that specializes in complex B2B sales, we have been able to use the collective experience of our team to open doors for multinational companies.


When callers have a deep understanding of the industries our clients want to reach, they are able to quickly establish credibility with the market and generate highly qualified, actionable sales leads.


One client, a consulting firm from India, benefitted from our expertise in contacting the appropriate people and setting the appointments needed to get their consultants in-person meetings. The barrier had been making the right connections over the phone and gaining access to key decision makers.


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Once the appointments were made by our own business development executives, the in-person meetings proved successful and the company was able to gain significant traction in the US market.


When engaged by a client from Spain that had seen much success in Europe in the eCommerce space, we were able to apply our extensive knowledge of eCommerce solutions to build their sales with eRetailers within the US.  Our understanding of the market in North America meant qualified leads for them in a previously untapped market.


Industry terms, hierarchy within an organization, and common business pains differ from country to country, and sometimes even from region to region. When the business development caller has real industry knowledge, their call is more likely to be received well by the prospect. This means more opportunity to qualify leads and make the connections that lead to next steps.


Outsourcing for Rapid Growth

Breaking into new markets, especially those on new continents is a big investment.


Outsourcing to a sales team that can communicate effectively, and that has a deep knowledge of the market into which you are selling can make the difference between rapid growth and failed efforts.


Now in our seventeenth year, we have many examples of helping multi-national and foreign companies with their business development efforts in N. America and would be happy to discuss your sales pipeline needs and JMS Elite capabilities.




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