The Benefits of Outsourcing Inside Sales to A Third-Party



Outsourcing inside sales to an experienced third-party vendor can provide a great ROI and solve many problems that business development executives face.


While some may be hesitant to look outside of their own organization in order to meet quotas and fill the sales pipeline, turning to a team with the experience and business acumen needed for inside sales can prove extremely successful.


Success with Outsourcing and Third-Party Expertise


Many professional sectors are seeing an increased demand for outsourcing. Hiring a third party for their expertise is proving successful and the answer to why is fairly simple.


When organizations outsource to a team of experienced professionals that are solely focused on the task at hand and whose efforts are not diluted by various internal pressures and commitments, the results are considerable.


Businesses that outsource find that they not only recoup their initial investment but often exceed their goals and save on time and resources.


In the inside sales sector, outsourcing to a third party can ensure that sales callers are experienced and equipped with the training and business knowledge needed to have the peer-to-peer conversations necessary for complex B2B sales.


My colleague and business partner recently published an article on the changing landscape of inside sales. In it, he notes the increasing demand for skilled inside representatives in an increasingly competitive field.


Today’s customers, “are more educated, savvy, and demanding than before,” and this leaves no room for entry-level callers with little knowledge to back-up their initial offering or sales pitch.


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Benefits of Outsourcing Inside Sales


In addition to getting an experienced B2B sales team right out of the gate, there are several other benefits to outsourcing your inside sales:


More Time for Internal Staff 

Outsourcing your inside sales frees up other members of your sales team to focus on sales that are at the other end of the pipeline. Or, if your organization doesn’t have any internal sales members, outsourcing provides them on a need-only basis.



Outsourcing allows the freedom to scale up or down depending on needs, which is not the case when hiring in-house staff. With a third party, it’s possible to create a program that suits your unique situation. Whether you need to build your sales pipeline quickly, require additional callers to enhance your current sales staff, or need an entirely outsourced sales team, you will have the flexibility to adjust the program to your own needs.



A good outsourced firm will provide progress reports based on predetermined benchmarks and goals. It is the job of the outsourced company to provide reports and make recommendations or adjustments needed along the way.


Receiving clear metrics and results prepared by an outsourced firm eliminates the need for ongoing management that can take up valuable time and resources.


Better lead management 

Outsourcing inside sales means better follow-up and management of qualified leads. When there is a program in place for making cold calls and qualifying leads, there is more time to pursue the leads that come in and give them the attention needed to bring them to the next step in the sales cycle.



Inside sales is a core competency that requires experience, skill, and real business acumen. In order to be able to have business discussions with high-level decision makers, it’s essential that callers are not scripted, entry-level representatives.


If you don’t have an experienced staff at the ready, outsourcing to a third-party can help you stay competitive.




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