Quality Lead Generation for the Manufacturing Industry


Quality Lead Generation for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing and distribution are diverse industries with businesses of all sizes seeking numerous and varied solutions.

At JMS Elite, we have a proven track record of quickly understanding our clients’ unique solutions and effectively communicating them to key decision makers across (a wide range) many industry categories.

We have successfully generated qualified leads for many sectors within the manufacturing industry; such as IT and software as well as those responsible for line of business (LOB) such as operations, supply chain, logistics, and quality control.

Our methodology consistently results in qualified leads for our manufacturing industry clients.

Even if you have a trusted internal sales team, an investment in top-of-the-sales-funnel lead generation via an outsourced lead generation company pays off. An experienced lead generation company complements the efforts of your internal team by executing the teleprospecting calls required to identify prospect readiness, and forwarding only truly qualified leads for your internal team to nurture and close.

Our approach allows your in-house team to focus on closing, leaving the initial conversations with prospects to our experienced Business Development Executives (BDEs).

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Our BDEs are knowledgeable in manufacturing industry concepts and terminology and can quickly learn the nuances of all types of business solutions.  

We go into every call with an understanding of the top priority titles being targeted at your prospect’s organization.  

We take time to craft the right message for each prospect and engage in meaningful dialogue to discern their current business initiatives, pain points, and product-readiness.

Our extensive experience includes representing those who are marketing products such as highly technical equipment, machinery, and instrumentation.

We also represent clients who offer software, IT, and consulting services designed for the manufacturing industry.

We are comfortable working for both large and small solution providers and understand the business side of manufacturing.

It’s a thorough approach with a measurable ROI.

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