Signs of Unskilled Salespeople- 3 Red Flags to Look Out For


Signs of Unskilled Salespeople- 3 Red Flags to Look Out For

Choosing the right salespeople can make or break your sales program. Knowing your team’s effectiveness is crucial, regardless of whether you have an internal team or outsource to a company. Looking to determine if you are working with a high-quality sales team? Here are the three signs of unskilled salespeople.

1. Lack of Experience and Acumen

A single call from an inexperienced sales rep can make the difference between a lead and a signed contract. A good representative should have calling experience and everyday experience with high-level decision-makers. To generate B2B leads for the complex sale, your team must communicate effectively at the organization’s top. What will they think of a sales representative with a limited skill set?  


A successful first call in complex B2B sales involves building trust, creating meaningful interactions, allowing enough time to hold a meaningful conversation, and having a memorable event that uncovers business pains and discuss solutions for a follow-up call to be successful.


Your team needs to build relationships from the very beginning of a complex sales cycle, or the relationship won’t be able to grow and last. It is never pleasant to receive an unwelcome sales call, but inexperience will ensure the conversation will end before it even begins when it comes to selling complex products.


Therefore, the success or failure of a call depends on the caller. One of the signs of unskilled salespeople is if the caller lacks industry knowledge or experience. These callers are unlikely to craft a message that resonates with a decision-maker, and they might get stuck at the lower levels with little opportunity to move the prospect forward. Think about outsourcing to those with the business acumen and experience needed to use an organization’s resources and engage decision-makers.


2. Being Robotic

Being too “robotic” is one of the major signs of unskilled salespeople. When selling on the phone, too many salespeople are stiff and inhuman. Engaging with clients means listening to their needs and providing them with meaningful interaction. Salespeople should view calls as discussions early in the sales cycle instead of purely sales pitches. Be wary of salespeople who follow a script too closely.


When selling B2B products or services, it is essential to communicate effectively with decision-makers and to understand what you are discussing. One-sided conversations do not produce a viable, qualified lead that can progress through the sales process and are therefore inappropriate for complex sales.


For this reason, scripted calls are often not effective in B2B sales. When generating B2B leads or developing business relationships, sales representatives should have experience interacting unscripted with C-level decision-makers and be prepared to listen and interact with them.


3. Not Doing Research

A successful call requires  research and preparation. Choosing and evaluating the correct list of call prospects is essential, rather than picking them at random.  You must thoroughly understand your product, your market and your customers. 


To address the client’s pain points effectively, your team must be well-versed in its products and those of your competition. Your group can move your customers through the sales process confidently if your team understands the needs and values of your customer base.  


Professional development is also part of the research. Being up to date on the latest sales trends is a great way to maximize your operational efficiency, one you can’t afford to miss.


Finally, through educational materials like Ted Talks and Lead Generation Blogs, a good salesperson can improve their sales skills. With the help of an outsourced firm like JMS Elite, you can receive additional market insight and set yourself on the right path.

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