Why You Should Choose Teleprospecting for B2B Technology Sales


Why You Should Choose Teleprospecting for B2B Technology Sales


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. CES is the world’s largest technology show, and if you followed along on social media or the news, you would have seen product reviews and videos of the newest, sometimes mind-boggling technology that will soon enter the market.


JMS was there, visiting with current clients, meeting new contacts, and also marveling at some of the new and innovative offerings that will be available to consumers in 2017.


Since the beginning, we have helped many clients from the technology sector of the business world with lead generation and B2B Sales.


Technology sales are often complex, and require a level of knowledge and expertise that isn’t found in other types of telesales. In my experience, technology companies need to do more than put their product out there and hope that it speaks for itself.


Lead generation for complex sales requires conversations with key decision makers where business needs can be discussed, and that is where teleprospecting comes in.


Why Is Teleprospecting A Great Choice For Technology Companies?


The numbers aren’t out yet for 2017, but in 2016 CES broke its own record with 177,393 in attendance and 2.47 million net square feet of exhibit space. If you are exhibiting as a company trying to connect and interact with prospects, that is a lot of noise and competition that you will need to break through in order to find qualified opportunities.


In addition to that, you are also competing with some pretty cool new and showy items. Perhaps the technology solutions you offer are innovative, fast, and can meet the real needs of your prospects, but your solutions do not possess the flash and excitement that results in bringing the masses to your booth.  

How do you make sure you get the message to the right people about your product or solution?


Meaningful Interactions Download


Teleprospecting for B2B Technology Sales

Technology solutions are often complex, sophisticated, and expensive. Generally the more complex and sophisticated the message, the more difficult the entry point within an organization.


Teleprospecting works for technology companies because it targets the right point of entry and puts people on the phone qualified to have a business-level discussion.


If you get the right person with the right title on the phone that handles the types of business solutions that you’re representing and you have a conversation with them, that will resonate.


What brings you closer to a real lead is discussing with a prospect what you have to offer and getting their reactions directly to that. A real conversation means that you will know what their thinking is, as well as if they are in the market for any products or services at the moment.


Teleprospecting allows for a back and forth discussion with a decision maker that garners real information that counts.


Go Beyond The Trade Show

Attending and exhibiting at a trade show is great. New technologies have the power to wow, and that attracts a lot of people and interest. But they can only go so far, and as I’ve mentioned before, at a trade show you are competing with everyone.


Whether or not you have the technology that attracts the crowds, if you want real lead generation, you have to get proactive and go beyond the trade show floor. Especially if your product doesn’t have any propellers or flashing lights or HD cameras.


When you have teleprospectors connecting with your prospect list there is an interaction that results in real time information. This is essential in order to know how your prospect’s organization is getting things done today and if your product, service, or solution will benefit them.


A meaningful interaction is required to discuss how your technology can apply to their situation, explain how it’s being applied in other organizations successfully, and what type of results it is producing.


Teleprospecting allows you to get beyond the “wow” factor that many rely on to sell a new product.


A Higher Level Discussion

It’s important to remember that decision makers are involved in many decisions for organizations and they are also being bombarded by all types of marketing, whether through social media, emails, or even trade journals. This is even more apparent in the technology world where products and innovations are progressing rapidly.


Teleprospecting can help break through all of the noise and allow for a conversation where solutions are being discussed and there is an opportunity to discuss the real value of a business solution.  


These higher level discussions about higher level solutions through teleprospecting are very effective.


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