The Challenge of Generating Sales Qualified Leads


The Challenge of Generating Sales Qualified Leads

Struggling to generate sales qualified leads is not a unique problem.

However, understanding the challenges can help you overcome them.

Time is of the Essence

One of the fundamental keys to success in B2B telemarketing is relaying your message to the right people at the right time.


The audience you want to reach are the key evaluators and decision makers within a company. These are the people for whom your solution or service should resonate, leading to a business relationship and an eventual closed deal.


Sounds simple enough, but this can be the most challenging obstacle: gaining time with the right audience.


Consider the demands on the time of decision makers within a company. They’re very busy internally with their own teams that they report to, and those who report to them. They’re giving time to vendors and suppliers with whom they already have current relationships.


Add in executive meetings and traveling, and any time or energy they have to explore new business solutions or products is miniscule to non-existent.


Their time is so limited that even people they already know and work with may find it hard to get a slice of their time.


A Worthwhile Message

Gaining access and the time of a key decision maker takes persistence and a methodical approach. Once you have it, it is imperative to avoid pitfalls and instead deliver the right message backed by professional experience.


It’s helpful to remember that a key decision maker, at an executive level, is getting bombarded every day with sales and marketing messages.


Whether it’s through social media, emails, or inexperienced callers, there are various messages and offers of business solutions being sent to them constantly. Adding a rehearsed sales pitch or presentation is likely not going to improve their day.


The tone and tenor must be professional and confident.


The Importance of a Caller with Experience

The experience and approach of the caller is most often the variable that determines if a cold call results in a sales qualified lead, or an excuse to get off the phone.


It is worth the investment to get the right people on the phone because that is how you will be delivering your message. What makes a caller stand out from the rest?


  • Business Acumen – enough of a business background as to be able to engage in an unscripted, peer-to-peer conversation.
  • A proven ability and demonstrated success in interacting with high-level executives.
  • A concise message that touches on an area of need.


Required along with this skillset is a level of professionalism and a proven methodology for how prospects are approached.



Meaningful Interactions Download


Proven, High-Quality Sales Cycle Methodology

There is an amount of persistence and consistency that is required in order to get a prospect on the phone and begin the conversation.


A contact will require multiple touch points to generate a qualified lead and an experienced caller will have the confidence to keep trying.


Ample background and knowledge of the organization into which you are calling is also required so that your message to the prospect will be targeted and on-point.


No Substitute for Quality

Sales qualified leads can seem elusive at times. With the number of avenues available to share marketing and sales messages, standing out in the crowd is imperative.


Our business, and our approach to sales, is based on the belief that there is no substitute for high quality.


High level, professional callers with business experience consistently make connections, qualify leads, and fill the sales pipelines of our customers in various industries.


If your sales staff or organization is struggling to generate sales qualified leads, consider the background and professionalism of your callers.


Can they engage in peer-to-peer conversations?

Are they consistently making calls to the right decision makers and being persistent when necessary?

Do they understand the industry enough to warm up a cold call and use industry terminology?


These are important questions to ask in order to determine where you may be coming up short when aiming to generate sales qualified leads.


Could your business benefit from experienced, professional callers? Learn more about the industries we serve and our successful B2B Telemarketing programs.




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