The Science of Timing: Is There a Best Time to Cold Call for B2B Sales Success?


When it comes to B2B cold calling, success is determined by more than just what you say. Factors like who is placing the call, how many times they call, and when they call all play a crucial role. In fact, as we discuss in our previous blog, “The 3 Golden Rules for Lead Follow-Up”, timing is one of the most critical factors in the success of cold calls. The right timing can be the difference between whether your call is answered or not, and the kind of response you get from your target. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of timing and when you should aim to make the bulk of your cold calls.

Timing Your Cold Calls: When to Make the Call for Maximum Results

When making a cold call, the ideal time to call will vary depending on the industry and the decision-makers you are trying to reach. As a general rule, you should be aiming to speak with key decision-makers whenever possible, so aim for times when higher-level employees are likely to be around and not too busy.

Best time of day to make a cold call:

The time of day can greatly impact the success of your cold call. It’s best to call during the sweet spot, which is between 10 am to 11:30 AM and 2 pm to 5 pm. During these hours, most people tend to be available. However, it’s important to avoid calling early in the morning or late in the afternoon when decision-makers may be busy or winding down. Additionally, someone who is still working after 5 PM is likely to be focused on getting a high-priority task completed. You will also want to, avoid calling during lunch time as people may be unavailable or focused on eating.

Best time of week to make a cold call:

When it comes to making successful cold calls, it’s essential to consider the day of the week as it can significantly impact your chances of success. According to industry experts, the optimal days to reach out to potential clients are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is because people are generally more receptive to business calls during these days, as they are typically settled into their work routine but have not yet started thinking about the upcoming weekend. Conversely, Mondays are not ideal as decision-makers tend to be overwhelmed with catching up on work after the weekend. Similarly, Fridays can be challenging as many people tend to leave work early for the weekend. By strategically timing your calls to fall on the appropriate day of the week, you can enhance your chances of getting in touch with the right decision-makers and closing the deal.

Best time of year for cold calling:

When it comes to the time of year, summer is typically not the best season for cold calling, as many people are either on vacation, working shorter hours, or getting ready to take time off. However, if you’re targeting industries like education or fashion, summer can be an opportune time, as they view September as their “January” and may be more receptive to starting new projects then. Ideally, you should aim to make your calls towards the end of the year or in January or February, depending on your sales cycle.

While it’s not typically recommended to make calls around the winter holidays, this can actually be an effective strategy. Although there are fewer people in the office, those who are there tend to be decision-makers and may have more time to consider your pitch. As we discussed in our blog, there are 3 reasons why the holidays can actually improve B2B sales call ROI. By utilizing this often-overlooked time of the year, you may be able to boost your sales success rate.

Maximizing Your B2B Sales Efforts: The Benefits of Outsourcing Cold Calling Services with JMS Elite

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