3 Things Not to Do in B2B Telemarketing


3 Things Not to Do in B2B Telemarketing

The Following Mistakes Can Stand in the Way of Successful Lead Generation


B2B telemarketing done right will lead to successful lead generation. But it takes more than just picking up the phone and dialing.


Commonly made mistakes will prevent you from having meaningful dialogue with decision-makers at the businesses you are targeting and slow the flow of qualified leads into the top of your sales funnel.

Three B2B Telemarketing Mistakes to Avoid

Some mistakes are obvious, but the following three may be things that you are unaware are preventing sales success:

1. Insufficient Research and Preparation

Every call should start with a foundation and understanding of the solution you are representing.


A high-level decision-maker will not engage with a caller who does not understand the industry or industry terminology.


Calls should also be backed by knowledge of the business you are targeting – its departmental structure and the names and functions of key executives.


Not knowing who is able to make purchasing decisions within a company will make your calls more of a shot in the dark rather than a targeted opportunity.


Your executive list should include more than a single name. One call to a single decision-maker is a low-percentage way to get to the meaningful conversation necessary for effective B2B telemarketing.


2. Leaving Your Pitch in a Voicemail

Voicemails can be effective first contacts that eventually lead to dialogue. But a lengthy voicemail that explains the benefits of your solution will not spark a call-back.


A succinct voicemail is the best approach.


Include a brief message, along with your name and contact information so a prospect can easily reach you. It may take two or three messages – and messages to multiple people in a company – to get you on the radar of decision-makers.


Remember, the goal of your telemarketing efforts is to learn about the challenges facing your prospect to determine if your solution is a good fit; this is impossible if you are offering up your features and benefits before you hear what they have to say.


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3. Being Inflexible

You never know where a B2B telemarketing call will lead. You may end up talking to someone you didn’t anticipate, or listen for longer than you expected before your prospect reveals what’s really going on with their business.



If you take an inflexible approach to your calls, driven only to talk to one key decision-maker, for example, you may miss a learning opportunity from an unexpected source within the company.


Similarly, without an open mind to follow where your prospect takes the dialogue, you may prevent yourself from learning about their true business challenges.


A successful B2B telemarketing call starts with an understanding of your prospect’s situation. If you are only interested in getting to the part where you explain your solution, you will lose out on potential leads.


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Want to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads? Remember these three things not to do in B2B telemarketing and you’ll have a better chance to uncover solid opportunities.




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