How JMS Elite Incorporates 6 Elements of a Trusted and Authentic Brand


How JMS Elite Incorporates 6 Elements of an Authentic & Trusted Brand

The 6 Traits And How JMS Embodies Them

Authenticity and trustworthiness are essential elements of any B2B brand. However, these qualities are becoming harder to find, with many companies doing the bare minimum to appear trustworthy. Recently Keith Browning posted a blog on LinkedIn Marketing, outlining these traits as essential parts of an authentic and reliable brand that you should look for in B2B agencies. Here are the 6 traits of a trusted and authentic brand and how JMS embodies them:


1. Consistency

Consistency enhances trust, and consistently providing good results and customer service is crucial to success. An agency must exhibit consistency in its messaging, actions, and positioning by creating clear central brand guidelines. In LinkedIn’s “Designing an Authentic Brand” course, Justin Ahrens explains that a brand should outline its elements of brand delivery from its brand guidelines.

JMS Elite strives to provide continuously good results and maintain trust. We understand that the B2B lead generation sales cycle can be long and complex. By building trust, we create a solid business relationship early enough. We achieve this by calling prospects with consistent and effective approaches, while using social and content marketing to set consistent expectations for clients.


2. Transparency 

Transparency is a value demanded most by customers in sales calls, but it can be a somewhat controversial topic in the business world. It entails pulling back the curtains so that customers can gain a realistic view of what a brand represents, which some may not be eager to do.

JMS Elite upholds transparency by providing insight and analytics at every step. We emphasize open discussion, communication, and active listening with clients to make sure lead generation fits their needs and expectations.

JMS Elite attracts innovative sales leaders with a growth-oriented mindset through transparent analysis and strategizing. Our sales professionals are also experienced in leveraging data, technology, and building meaningful partnerships.


3. Integrity

A trusted and authentic brand will have integrity. Integrity is what a brand stands for, a commitment to values, and the factors that drive it. JMS has always been staunchly committed to providing the highest quality leads possible. Our consistent brand values include experience, excellence, talent, training, and commitment.

Over the years, we have gained a reputation as an outstanding business development and lead generation company, with many satisfied clients.

We constantly prove our ability to meet or exceed client objectives, making clients embrace the brand as an integral part of their marketing and sales plans.


4. Honesty

Honest and open dialogue is one of the best assets you can offer a prospect. Dishonesty is one of the easiest ways to diminish trust, and it doesn’t have to be intentional or malicious. For example,  an outdated product on your website can appear dishonest despite being unintended.

JMS Elite promotes honest and meaningful interactions with prospects by being sensitive to clients’ needs and relating to their position. Trust is increasingly important in sales, and a  seasoned development professional must start the conversation with a prospect on the right footing.


5. Relevancy 

It’s highly counteractive to try to be too many things to too many people simultaneously. Going thin on spreading your brand minimizes your chances of sticking with the people you care about the most. Being relevant is a good sign of an authentic and trusted brand.

JMS adheres to generating specific markets where we have knowledge and experience. Our industry areas of expertise are:

  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Retail and eCommerce

We also know the importance of market research, validation, and insight. We use a thorough process to assess market readiness and offer in-depth insights into the needs of potential buyers.


6. Action

Too much talk without actual action isn’t authentic. When prospects see a brand talking the talk without walking the walk, they move to the competitor.

JMS Elite has over 20 years proven of experience in lead generation. We have the results and client satisfaction to back up our claims. Some of our clients, like Agile Frameworks and Guidestar, report a 30% annual revenue growth through new deals since engaging with JMS Elite.

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Partnering with JMS Elite

Successful lead generation in B2B calls for executive-level skills and experience. If you’re outsourcing your lead generation, ensure it’s to a brand with all the six elements of an authentic and trusted brand.

JMS Elite has these and more to enable you to uncover the leads worth nurturing through the sales pipeline. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts.