Two Quick and Powerful Ways to Warm up a B2B Cold Call


Improving your cold calling doesn’t mean you must always reinvent the wheel.

Sometimes a few tweaks or a shift in mindset is all that is needed to improve your B2B sales calls.


In a recent post I discussed some simple techniques to warm up a B2B Cold Call. Here are two more fast, yet effective ways to bring warmth to a cold call and improve its outcome.


1. Be prepared to answer questions


For successful B2B calls we usually recommend a top-down approach. In other words, it’s a good idea to aim for the highest level decision-maker within a company. If you do successfully reach a key evaluator with buying power, you must be able to answer questions knowledgeably.


In an Executive Buyer Insight Survey conducted by Forrester Research, executives were asked a series of questions regarding the performance of sales vendors at scheduled sales meetings.


When executives receiving cold calls were asked if the salespeople who contacted them were “prepared for the questions asked,” just 30% answered yes. And when polled if the same salespeople were “knowledgeable about the specific business” they contacted, only 24% answered yes.


No wonder prospects have grown wary of sales calls.


Even though your B2B cold call is the first part of the sales process, do your homework and be prepared to answer questions that are industry – and company-specific.


You’ll stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression.



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2. Ask open-ended questions


Uncovering qualified opportunities requires asking the right questions and listening more than you talk.


The conversation will move along much more easily if you ask open-ended questions that prompt further discussion and also reveal your prospect’s business pains.


If you find that your calls come to an end too quickly or the conversation is too stilted, consider changing up how you ask your questions; you may be making it too easy for the prospect to say no and end the call.


What kind of questions get people talking? Golden Rules for Successfully Engaging a Prospect on Your Next B2B Sales Call


The effort and energy you put into a “cold” call before you even pick up the phone will pay off in goodwill and sales. Take the time to prepare, and I think you’ll see a positive return on your investment.




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