Why Complex Sales Requires Inside Sales Expertise


One of the main factors determining success in complex B2B sales is the caller’s level of expertise and experience. Complex B2B sales requires meaningful interactions between professional phone representatives and executives within those targeted accounts.


Put a business development executive on the phone who understands both the inherent value of the product or solution they are offering, as well as the importance of uncovering the business pains of a prospect, and you have an excellent chance of uncovering and qualifying sales-ready leads.


Redefine the Cold Call

The effectiveness of cold calling is often a topic of hot debate. I have to tell you that employing a group of inexperienced callers who cast a wide net and rely on any form of scripted messaging is not going to result in successful B2B lead generation.


Then again, putting experienced executives on the phone to have real conversations with decision -makers on a peer-to-peer level is one of the best ways to uncover and qualify solid B2B leads.


Our own experience as a leading provider of outsourced inside sales has proven that there is no better way to determine the interest of a large number of prospective companies than to pick up the phone and speak with key decision makers within those organizations.


A phone call to a prospect doesn’t have to be completely cold.


Before picking up the phone, an inside sales expert should have adequate information about whom they are calling, the industry into which they are calling, and an understanding that whatever they are offering will be relevant to the prospect.  


Knowing that the account being contacted has potential as a good fit for the solution being sold is a crucial step in the vetting process.


In addition, an experienced inside sales representative will discover and attempt multiple appropriate contacts to prospects within an organization who may be involved in the decision-making process and who understand their business’ most pressing needs.


An inside sales expert will not shy away from making calls to multiple high-level decision makers and key evaluators, often using referrals to target them.


Persistence, backed by knowledge and experience, is crucial for a successful cold calling campaign.


Meaningful Interactions Download

The Focus Is on The Client’s Goals, Not The Caller’s

Callers with real inside sales expertise understand first that the purpose of every call is about engaging in meaningful interactions with prospects, even if this isn’t their time to buy.


The goal of each call should be to explore the prospect’s goals, pains, and potential roadblocks, not to deliver a boring “features and benefits” presentation.


The generation of actionable sales leads only occurs when there is room in the conversation for the prospect to reveal their business pains. This happens when the caller listens more than speaks and asks informed, open-ended questions that further the discussion.


Even if the prospect does not show interest, an experienced caller will still see the conversation as an opportunity to learn the reasons why and use it as a chance to uncover other valuable business and marketing intelligence.


This type of high-level call will leave a good impression on the prospect and enhance positive mind share for your brand.

Peer-to-Peer Business Interactions

The landscape of inside sales has been changing, especially over the last five years. Customers are becoming savvier and are more educated regarding options available to them for almost any business pain.


A call from a sales rep must offer more than what can be found through other marketing and sales discovery. Peer-to-peer conversations with callers who are intent on listening to understand and solve business problems will positively impact your sales pipeline.  


This investment in the initial stages of the sales cycle creates relationship rewards with prospects that can significantly impact your sales pipeline for the long-term.


Highly experienced inside sales experts, whether employed internally or outsourced, should be considered a valuable and indispensable tool in your sales arsenal.