Will the CAVS Win Tonight?


Will the CAVS Win Tonight?


Hopefully, yes.  If the CAVS win, then the Warriors lead will be cut to 2-1 in the best of 7 series.  That would make for an especially exciting Game 4 on Friday night, where the CAVS could even things up at 2-2.


If the CAVS lose tonight and go down 3-0, then history suggests that the championship series, for all intent and purposes, is over.


So the pressure is on the CAVS.  Win, and create much reason for hope and optimism.  Lose, well … let’s not go there.


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No matter, the all-important outcome is not where their focus should be.  Instead, just like your inside sales team, the CAVS should target the following five points to put themselves in position to possibly achieve their desired outcome:

  1. Preparation – get proper rest / eat well / refresh [Same as you should prior to a day of work on the phones.]
  2. Fundamentals – what positive steps did we take to make it this far? [It’s important that your inside sales team reviews and follows their fundamentals too.]
  3. Game plan – in order to succeed, we will do the following….
  4. Focus – what part of the game plan is most important to emphasize?  i.e. What plays will we run?  [Think:  What will you say on the phone to a decision-maker?]
  5. Flexibility – although they’ll enter the game with a fine approach, plays will happen on the court that will cause necessary adjustments – just like on the phones, anticipate possible responses and be ready to answer them.


The players and the team are excellent.  Now all they have to do is properly prepare before they step on the floor and use their talents.  Just like your inside sales team.




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