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We deliver results.

JMS is a leading B2B lead generation firm serving companies that offer complex, often high-ticket solutions, products and services. Our clients rigorously test us against other lead generation firms, and we consistently prove our ability to meet or exceed their objectives. Based on this trust, clients make JMS Elite an integral part of their marketing and sales strategies for complex, business-to-business offerings.

We excel at our core competency: the unique ability to professionally contact targeted business executives via phone and engage in meaningful interactions, resulting in highly-qualified sales opportunities for our clients.

Why are Companies choosing JMS Elite?

"I have used JMS for many years and each time the programs are flawlessly executed with stellar results. Every company that I've recommended JMS Elite to has gone back and used them again.

JMS Elite made an effort to understand our business and become part of our organization. They studied materials about our offerings, conducted a campaign strategy & planning session and co-developed a value proposition and messaging document; they have it down to a science."
Michele Shaw, Marketing Manager, Viewpointe



Our proven approach has been developed through more than 1,000,000 staff-hours on the phone and hundreds of successful programs, ensuring that we deliver value in all aspects of our clients’ efforts.

Our callers are located exclusively in North America and have extensive executive experience working with businesses and organizations in this region.

Average client engagement with JMS Elite is over 3 years and the average tenure of our BDE staff is over 7 years. These statistics are a testament to JMS Elite’s professionalism and value. Additionally, it positions us as the top choice for companies that offer complex solutions, services and products who are looking for outsourced business development assistance.



We maintain an environment of high standards, client value, and true partnership, both with our clients’ teams and within our own team.

Just as our clients work to motivate and retain their sales staff, our Business Development Executives (BDEs) are well compensated and vested in the success of our client engagements. They receive financial incentives based on client satisfaction and renewals – true indicators of achievement.



JMS Elite BDEs are seasoned professionals who give our clients a unique “peer-to-peer” voice when speaking with executive decision-makers on the phone.

We only engage callers who are located in North America, ensuring that they are familiar with the nuances and terminologies of this area and can accurately represent your business.

They are highly motivated and understand how to advance messaging throughout even the largest and most complex target organizations.




Unlike traditional telesales companies that take an “appointment only” approach, at JMS Elite, we train our BDEs in complex, business-to-business offerings and sales cycles.

They understand the business issues faced by prospective decision makers and engage prospects as executives speaking with executives.

We have the highest staff retention in the industry, resulting in a strong, stable team of BDEs who provide excellent long-term, dedicated service to our clients.



JMS Elite Principals remain engaged with every client, throughout their programs, ensuring senior leadership, experience and insight are consistently available to all of our clients.

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