Our team consistently outperforms our competitors when it comes to lead generation for complex B2B sales. Whether it’s developing new prospects or upselling your existing clients, our BDEs are experts at engaging in meaningful interactions with senior-level decision makers. We work with you to develop and execute lead generation campaigns to meet your specific objectives and build your sales pipeline.

Teleprospecting Capabilities

  • Outbound sales prospecting – warm and cold leads
  • Qualified appointment setting
  • Upselling/cross-selling client base
  • Inbound lead follow-up and qualification
  • Lead nurturing for content marketing programs
  • Re-engagement of dormant leads
  • List and lead database validation and enhancement
  • Event invitation follow up for webinars and in-person invents
  • Pre- and post-event or tradeshow outreach
  • Ongoing prospect engagement and relationship development
  • Channel partner recruitment

Teleprospecting Approach

  • Employ our proven lead generation methodology developed through hundreds of successful programs
  • Identify decision makers and key evaluators. Engage executives in meaningful interactions to understand their business, priorities and needs
  • Reinforce value proposition and marketing messages
  • Utilize event invitations to assess prospect need and interest
  • Assess buying-readiness and timeline
  • Rank leads, adapting qualifying and ranking to meet your criteria
  • Secure appointments only with qualified prospects
  • Cultivate relationships for future opportunities
  • Gather and document detailed information on leads and objection handling throughout the process
  • Participate in joint calls with sales team to transition leads to sales cycle

Teleprospecting Results

  • Higher conversion of marketing leads to sales
  • Increased ROI on marketing investments
  • Detailed profiles and data on each lead
  • Weekly analytics and reports on program outcomes, enabling clear ROI analysis

Why are Companies Choosing JMS Elite?

"JMS Elite uses a much more thorough process than other lead generation firms we have engaged; they really dig in and find the right decision makers who are product ready. Across our marketing programs, JMS Elite delivers the highest ROI."
John Lewis, Carl Zeiss Metrology, LLC
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