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October 2017 Update
Our B2B telemarketing programs have worked successfully for many clients in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry where we utilize our proven methodologies and experienced callers to uncover highly qualified opportunities…
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July 2017 Update
How many trade shows have you attended this year? Are you getting the most out of the time, energy, and resources your business invests in attending them?
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April 2017 Update
With or without your own internal sales team, outsourcing calls to an experienced and dedicated team provides an excellent return on investment. But, it can be difficult to know just how to choose the right firm, especially if you have had not had success in the past…
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January 2017 Update
When the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, we were there visiting with current clients, meeting new contacts, and also marveling at some of the new and innovative offerings that will be available to businesses as well as consumers in 2017…
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December 2016 Update
As the year winds down, you might be tempted to slow down, or even stop making sales calls. You may figure, as many do, that the end of the year brings a lull for sales and the effort will be wasted. Don’t check out just yet!…
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November 2016 Update
Because our services are led by Principals who have managed more than 900,000 hours on the phone, we are often asked for our advice on how to generate highly-qualified sales opportunities…
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October 2016 Update
Due to popular demand, this month on our blog, we’re taking a deep dive into the elements that make up a successful lead generation program: 6 Areas of Focus for Your Lead Generation Program…
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September 2016 Update
There is a lot of solid information out there about improving your B2B sales skills, and it’s worth it to shake up your own sales routine by listening to what successful people have to say…
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August 2016 Update
Looking for ways to drive opportunities in your sales cycle? Don’t forget your current client base!

This month on our blog, we offer 4 Ways to Drive Opportunity with Your Current Client Base, so you can fill your sales pipeline while making a meaningful engagement with your customers…
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July 2016 Update
What does it take to achieve consistent success in complex B2B sales?

Our clients rigorously test us against other lead generation firms, and we consistently prove our ability to meet or exceed their objectives.

One of the reasons: our Business Development Executives are seasoned professionals who give our clients a unique “peer-to-peer” voice when speaking with executive decision-makers on the phone…
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June 2016 Update
JMS Elite is the leading teleprospecting firm for companies with complex B2B sales. Now in our 15th year of business, we know which strategies are successful and will generate highly qualified, actionable sales leads…
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May 2016 Update
May marks our 14 year anniversary as one of the most highly-regarded business development and lead generation firms for companies offering expensive and complex solutions.

We are proud to have significantly impacted the growth of numerous organizations, which report closing millions in sales as a result of our efforts…
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April 2016 Update
Having just returned from conferences in Atlanta and Las Vegas, John and I recently yielded a lot of questions from clients and prospects who were looking to dig in and make a positive difference in their 2016 sales forecasts.

We’ve taken those questions, and tried to offer some helpful insight into ways for you to build your pipeline with qualified leads on our blog.
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March 2016 Update
We’re barely three months into 2016, and it’s already been a busy year. This month, in addition to our travel to Pittcon in Atlanta, and APEX in Las Vegas, we’ve been focusing on adding value to you on our blog, highlighting ways to help you create meaningful interactions and how that affects your sales cycle.
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February 2016 Update
As we move on from our record-breaking year in 2015, we are excited about our continued role in helping our valued clients achieve their 2016 sales pipeline goals.

Please check out our blog articles, and for more of our latest business tips and insights into sales and leadership, be sure to visit/follow/like us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook…
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November 2015 Update
Attending trade shows and conferences where your clients are exhibiting or speaking presents a perfect opportunity to visit and keep in touch with them face-to-face.

We’ll be at RSNA in Chicago next month, and we’re already scheduled to attend several events in the new year, so we’d like to share some tips for maximizing your time prospecting at conferences…
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October 2015 Update
U.S. Navy SEALs. Not many words in the English language command such instant recognition or deserve more honor and respect. But what is their secret? What makes their form of leadership work? Is it something you can replicate in your industry, your company, your position? Open your imagination to the possibilities as you read…
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Why Your Sales Team Needs a Teleprospecting Team
September 2015 Update
We’ve enjoyed a very busy and successful summer, and we are especially excited about beneficial new partnerships in our home base area of Cleveland…
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August 2015 Update
It has been a summer of travel opportunities and conferences for us, and so far the fall is shaping up to be busy and fruitful as well. Could your business benefit from our expertise?…
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July 2015 Update
This month, as we are planning to visit clients and attend trade show events in Atlanta, Portland, OR, San Diego, and other cities, we thought we would share some of our own quick tips for building your business at conferences and expos…
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March 2015 Update
2014 was an incredible year for JMS Elite, and we are grateful to you for our continued success. We have been busy on our blog and social media lately and are excited to share our perspective on teleprospecting…
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April 2014 Update
We are very pleased to announce the launch of our blog and new website. With the clear trend in growth of inside sales and shift toward integrated lead generation in the Enterprise B2B marketplace, we believe it is important for JMS Elite to contribute our experience and expertise to the industry…
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January 2013 Update
As we launch into the New Year, we want to thank our valued clients for your business and continued confidence in JMS Elite. To all our friends, we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013…
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