April 2024

Trade shows offer valuable opportunities for face-to-face interactions with potential clients, partners, and industry leaders. To maximize your ROI, focus on strategic pre-show and post-show calling.

March 2024

Nurturing contacts means building strong relationships with potential prospects and existing customers through regular communication and valuable interactions. While you want to keep connecting with active leads, it’s just as important not to overlook dormant or slow-moving leads.

February 2024

The success of a lead generation campaign hinges on two key factors: the quality of your sales leads and how your calling team engages with them. Qualifying a sales lead requires your team to engage your prospects in meaningful conversations.

January 2024

Your inside sales team has a lot on their plate, much of which can divert their attention from focusing on actual sales to administrative tasks. By outsourcing part of your inside sales team, the external team can take over certain tasks, leaving your internal team to handle vital sales initiatives.

April 2020
Thousands of productive calling hours on behalf of our clients in the past few weeks have proven that it is a good time in many markets to get your sales and marketing engines started up again.
March 2020
As we experience the rapid changes brought on by COVID19, resulting in shifts both in business and in our personal lives we find ourselves in uncharted waters.
February 2020
Healthcare technology is ever-changing, and it requires sales and business development reps who not only understand the complexities of the industry but also have experience initiating and navigating the complex sale.
January 2020
We’ve been managing and executing successful cold calling programs for almost two decades; we know the common pitfalls that result in failed or underperforming programs and how to avoid them.
December 2019 Update
We’d like to take this opportunity to wish our clients, prospects, and friends a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your continued engagement with JMS Elite and best wishes for the New Year!
November 2019 Update
Are your sales priorities in place for 2020? We hope you find the following articles helpful as you look to the year ahead…
October 2019 Update
About 10 years ago, we had the opportunity to represent a client that sold complex products. This industry was new to us; up until then the majority of our clients sold business solutions and services…
September 2019 Update
Successful cold calling is not easy and sometimes a few tweaks or a shift in mindset is all that is needed to improve B2B sales calls…
B2B Telemarketing Pitfalls
August 2019 Update
As leaders and experts in the B2B lead generation space, we know there are many facets to consider when deciding to outsource business development activities to a 3rd party firm like JMS Elite.
July 2019 Update
One aspect of what makes our B2B lead generation programs so successful is our experience in targeted industries.
June 2019 Update
For complex B2B sales, it’s critical to engage with decision makers. How do our callers consistently reach those with buying power?