B2B Lead Generation

JMS Elite uses a much more thorough process than other lead generation firms we have engaged; they really dig in and find the right decision makers who are product ready. Across our marketing programs, JMS Elite delivers the highest ROI.

John Lewis, Carl Zeiss Metrology, LLC

Our team understands what it takes to close complex deals with businesses looking for the perfect solution to their needs. Whether it’s analyzing their specific needs to figure out the best plan of approach or providing advice to help things get delivered smoothly, we’ll work with you to ensure that every customer gets the personalized approach you need.

Complex B2B Sales Capabilities

  • Message and positioning tests to determine reactions of leads
  • Competitive review to help determine the best way of marketing your products and services
  • Appointment setting with qualified candidates
  • Qualification programs to locate the best leads for your company
  • Nurturing of leads that are worth pursuing
  • Audits of marketing lists to help remove irrelevant and inaccurate information
  • In-person outreach at trade shows and other events
  • Implementation of strategies that turn passive leads into active ones
  • Surveys to acquire further information on what leads are most focused on
  • Additional engagement attempts using proven transition strategies for leads that have become dormant
  • Clear criteria for removing leads that are not worth pursuing, enabling more resources to be spent on those that are

Complex B2B Sales Approach

  • Implement our proven lead generation technique, developed after running literally hundreds of advertising and outreach programs
  • Identify the most valuable opportunities for your company, considering the potential profits, the chance of success, and potential market share growth
  • Charting existing market and saturation to understand the best opportunities for growth
  • Locating and understanding key decision makers in target businesses
  • Engaging with said decision makers using meaningful dialogue to better understand their needs
  • Reinforce marketing messages to focus on the elements that will be most appealing to each customer
  • Offering event invitations to measure and further understand prospects’ interest
  • Creation of timelines for buyer readiness to determine the optimal times for future marketing efforts
  • Setting appointments with the customers offering the best balance of value and willingness to close the deal
  • Analyzing the results of the entire process, including both what works for customers and what might cause them to turn away
  • Using the results of said analysis to refine future outreach efforts and improve the conversion rate

Complex B2B Sales Results

  • Rapid market entry and expansion
  • Detailed profiles and information on each qualified lead, with strategies on how to address them
  • A sales pipeline focused on likely buyers
  • Improved ROI for complex B2B sales
  • Weekly reports on performance to help you understand the results of your marketing campaigns

Are you interested in learning more about B2B lead generation? Please visit our blog on B2B Lead Generation – Three Elements of a Successful Sales Call. 

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