Our Story - B2B Lead Generation for Complex Sales

JMS Elite founders, Scott Joseph, John Magyari and Jim Scaparotti worked together in executive roles at a technology telemarketing firm in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, helping the organization achieve significant growth. As the Internet bubble burst and the market corrected, we recognized that lead generation and telesales needed to shift. Executive decision makers for complex products and services had to be much more considered in their buying decisions, thus would benefit from discussions with more experienced professionals who could engage them in peer-level conversations.

With a vision to meet that need in the market, we founded JMS Elite in 2002, a firm focused on B2B lead generation for complex sales. John and Jim made the business development calls themselves, setting the standard for the company’s unique approach to lead generation for complex business-to-business sales.

Our first client renewed their contract and a second client signed, so we added a Business Development Executive (BDE). Progressively, we added more clients and BDEs. Scott, John and Jim moved into their leadership roles.

Over time, JMS Elite achieved significant growth and developed a reputation as the finest business development and lead generation firm for companies offering expensive and complex solutions. In late 2012, our friend and business partner Scott Joseph passed away unexpectedly. He will always be remembered and missed.

Now in our 19th year of business, JMS Elite has significantly impacted the growth of numerous organizations, which report closing millions in sales as a result of JMS Elite efforts. We maintain the integrity of our original vision of a team of experienced BDEs who have the unique ability to engage executive decision makers in peer-to-peer interactions, helping them better understand our clients’ offerings in the context of their business needs.

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