Outsourced Inside Sales

We are constantly amazed at the level of talent and effort that JMS Elite delivers. Because they have proven to be very consistent in their performance, we expanded their role from focusing solely on early-stage lead generation to operating as an extension of our team throughout our marketing and sales strategy.

Stephen Marchewitz, President, SecureState

You will not find a more focused, effective team on the phones than our highly experienced Business Development Executives (BDEs).  We work as an extension of your inside sales team, applying our proven methodology for campaign execution follow-up, appointment setting, and full sales cycle support.


How Can We Help?

Outsourced Inside Sales Capabilities

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Upsell/Cross-sell existing customers
  • Qualified appointment setting
  • Full sales cycle support for leads through deal closure
  • Territory planning support
  • List and lead database validation and enhancement
  • Channel partner recruitment

Outsourced Inside Sales Approach

  • Employ our proven lead generation methodology based on hundreds of successful programs
  • Operate as a seamless extension of your sales team members
  • Execute marketing campaign follow-up calls
  • Provide full lead generation and appointment setting
  • Participate in presentations and conference calls
  • Engage buyers throughout the sales cycle to accelerate deal completion
  • Design and execute upsell/cross-sell campaigns to existing customers
  • Maximize sales rep travel by executing city-specific lead development and appointment setting
  • Gather and document detailed information on leads and objection handling
  • Recommend key improvements to marketing and sales, ideal client profile development, including value proposition/messaging, objection handling

Outsourced Inside Sales Results

  • Higher conversion of marketing leads to sales cycle – improved marketing ROI
  • Detailed profiles and data on each lead
  • Accelerate sales cycles from lead to deal closure
  • Increased, more consistent call volume and lead follow up
  • Weekly reporting on program outcomes, enabling clear ROI assessment


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