Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

What are the benefits of outsourced B2B lead generation and how can it increase sales?

Why Outsourced B2B Lead Generation is Successful

At a certain point in the growth of your business, trying to generate leads for yourself is no longer the most efficient option, and outsourcing B2B lead generation becomes the most effective way to get a good ROI.

Outsourcing to a team of experts has many benefits:

  • Hire experts with experience that can jumpstart your efforts or enhance your current team
  • Outsourced teams are experts at cold calling and understanding the cycle of a complex sale
  • An outsourced caller can spend 100% of his or her time making the calls and following up, maximizing the time spent qualifying leads
  • Outsourcing allows you to scale your team to match your efforts
  • Ramp- up your current team when you have a new product launch or are expanding into new markets
  • Callers have years of experience with cold calls, and the business acumen required to have senior level discussions

Successful Cold Calling for B2B Lead Generation

The argument over the value of cold calling and its effectiveness for sales has been going on for many years, even before the advent of inbound and content marketing.

If the answer to “is cold calling dead ?” was a definite yes, then it’s safe to assume we wouldn’t be arguing about it anymore.

Cold calling has a place in successful sales programs but some people don’t believe it works because they have been on the receiving end of poorly executed cold calls.

If you outsource your cold calling efforts to high-level callers with business and calling experience, you have the ingredients for a very successful program.

Seasoned callers can successfully engage a prospect on a sales call, leading to the meaningful interactions that are essential for the long cycle of the complex sale.

Content marketing and inbound marketing are powerful tools, but for complex sales, there is still tremendous value in having real conversations where business pains can be revealed and resolved.

We’ve seen many companies disengage with their cold calling programs and replace them entirely with email blasts and other forms of social sharing.

However, an integrated approach, one that includes outbound calling programs from a qualified firm with a proven track record, is still going to offer the best return on investment for B2B lead generation and complex sales.

The Benefits of Specialized Lead Generation for Specific Industries

Certain industries can benefit greatly from a dedicated outsourced team.

Often times with industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, it can be difficult to gain awareness of a product or service that has the potential to make a big impact.

Those looking to generate more qualified leads within a niche industry will want to ensure that callers are experienced enough to speak with senior level decision makers. Each niche industry experiences different business pains and challenges and often there is specific vocabulary used to ensure effective communication.

When hiring an outsourced lead generation firm, confirm that they have experience within your own industry, or the capability and experience to quickly learn and understand the nuances of your own market.

The following are areas that, in our experience, are able to benefit greatly from an outsourced B2B lead generation program:

Outsourced B2B Lead Generation for Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and industry events are a big investment. The time spent in preparation, travel expenses, print materials, and attendance can all add up to a very large line item.

If you want to recoup your costs and have a positive ROI for your trade show attendance, engaging an outsourced B2B company for pre- and post-show calling is a solid investment.

Trade shows and industry events are packed with people, sometimes in the tens of thousands, and each one is vying for your attention. To create meaningful interactions and walk away with a list of real prospects, and even some qualified leads, it’s important to prepare and follow-up.

Pre-show calling ensures that you will meet with prospects, whether at your booth, at a side-event, or in a private meeting and get quality face-to-face time with them. Leaving it up to chance that you will run into prospects with whom you are hoping to meet is not a successful strategy. Calling before an event also gets your name top-of-mind, and invites interested parties to research your business, or seek out your booth at the event.

Just as important as preparation is post-show follow-up calls. If you have attended industry events in the past, you know that you will leave your booth with the names and contact information of everyone who stopped by and had their ID scanned.

You leave the show with the contact information of anyone who visited your booth, will you take the time needed to contact those people?

What You Should Ask When Hiring an Outsourced Lead Generation Firm

Not all outsourced B2B firms offer the same experience high level of callers. It’s important to work with a firm that understands complex sales and has a team with the business acumen to speak with senior level decision makers.

Many of our clients come to us after failed attempts at outsourcing their B2B lead generation efforts and find great success with our program.

It’s important to find a firm that fits your needs and has a successful history with lead generation for complex sales. Ask questions that will qualify the firm you are considering.

The following are core requirements for any successful team:

  • Executive Experience – Callers must have the experience to act as an extension of your sales team and your business.
  • A Proven Process – A successful firm will have the knowledge and methods to develop and execute lead generation campaigns to meet your unique objectives and build your sales pipeline.
  • Thorough Reporting – A qualified B2B lead generation firm will provide thorough reports with detailed profiles and data on each lead.
  • Sales Cycle Support – Full support and a focus on customer success is paramount. The lead generation firm you choose should have an experienced contact person monitoring your program and ensuring a positive outcome.
  • Brand Awareness – Are the callers capable of representing, and upholding your brand? Companies invest significant resources to establish a brand, make sure the lead generation company you choose can represent you accurately.

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